Eastern European University Association Courses

company economics

design and engineering support for machine building industry

economic cybernetics

electrical engineering

electronic devices, systems and complexes

electrotechnical systems of electric power supply

faculty of oil and gasfield development

faculty of petroleum geology and geophysics

ground transportation-technological equipment

industrial management

information technologies in maintenance of buildings

information technology methods and models in civil engineering

international company human resources management

international management

mechatronics and robotics

standardization and metrology

system software

system technology in civil engineering

urban development code and investment legislation

- technospheric security specialist level programs

accountancy and audit

accounting and audit

accounting and audit

accounting and audit in an enterprise

accounting and auditing

accounting, analysis and audit

accounting, analysis and audit

acoustics facilities and systems

adaptive physical culture

administrative management

administrative management

administrative management in restricted access information security

administrative management in sphere of information protection with limited access

advanced it in space industry

advanced material science

advanced maths

advanced metallic mateials and engineering


advertising and public relations

advertising and public relations

advertising management

aero navigation


aerohydrospace systems

aerology and work safety


aerospace hardware production

aerospace vehicles servo drives

agricultural construction

agricultural engineering


agro engineering

agro-ecological assessment and geographic information system


agrochemistry and soil science

agrochemistryandsoil science



agronomy (integrated plant protection)

aircraft and rocket construction

aircraft certification

aircraft dynamics and flight control

aircraft engine construction and design

aircraft engine manufacturing

aircraft engine production

aircraft engine theory

aircraft heat engineering

aircraft manufacturing technology

aircraft robotic systems

aircrafts and helicopters

airlines maintenance

airplane and helicopter manufacturing

airplane design

airplanes and helicopters

allergology and immunology

alternative and renewable energy sources

anaesthesiology and reanemotology

anesthesiology and critical care medicine

antennas and microwave components design

antennas, radiotransmittings and feeding device

anti-crisis management

antimonopoly management

applied computer science

applied computer science (in economics)

applied ecology

applied ecology and sustainable use of nature protection

applied economy

applied geodesy

applied geology

applied geometry

applied informatics

applied informatics (in economics)

applied informatics (in materials science)

applied informatics in geodesy (vocational training)

applied information science

applied information technologies

applied international journalism

applied linguistics

applied materials science

applied mathematic and it

applied mathematician and computer science

applied mathematics

applied mathematics

applied mathematics and computer science

applied mathematics and informatics

applied mechanics

applied physics

applied physics

applied statistics

arabic language and literature

architectural faculty


architecture of buildings

architecture of buildings and constructions

architecture of buildings and structures

architecture of residential public and industrial buildings

architecture, design

architecture, geometry and design of long span 3d constructions

arrangement and technology of information protection

art education

art history

art materials processing technology

artificial construction on transport, ways of their erection and operation

artificial intelligence

arts and crafts and folk crafts

arts and humanities

arts and humanities

arts and treatment of materials

aspirantura, doctoral studies

atomic power engineering

audit and revision

audit in subsurface resources management

audit of public finances

automated control of technological processes

automated data management system

automated engineering technology

automated machines and complexes

automated process

automated systems of data processing and control

automated systems of processing of information and management

automated systems software

automatic and intelligent control system

automatic complexes and orientation and navigation systems

automatic information-handling and control system

automatic production and technology processes ( in industry)

automatic systems of data processing and management

automatically controlled technologies and productions

automation and computer-integrated technologies

automation and computer-integrated technologies

automation and computerintegrated technologies

automation and control

automation and control of technological processes and production (in mechanical engineering)

automation and integrated computer technologies

automation and management

automation management by technological processes

automation of manufacturing processes and production

automation of technological processes and manufacturing

automation of technological processes and productions

automation of technology processes and production (in metallurgy)

automation, telemechanics and communication in railway transport

automatization and computer-integrated technologies

automobile road and aerodromes

automobile transport

automobile transport

automobiles and automobile economy

automobiles and automobile facilities

automobiles and automobile industry

avia and rocket constructing

aviation and rocket systems


ballistic design of space systems




bioengineering systems and technology

biological sciences


biology, chemistry

biology, ecology

biology, foreign language

biomedical electronic devices and systems

biomedical engineering


biotechnical and medical apparatus and systems

biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems

biotechnical and medical devices and systems

biotechnological and medical devices and systems


biotechnology of bioactive substances

boiler and reactor manufacturing

boilers and reactors

bridges and transport tunnels

building (civil engineering)

business administration

business economics

business informatics

business management

business psychology

business studies

car service


cardiovascular surgery

cargo transportation


casting of ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys

catering technology

certification and licensing in the road and transport complex for safe movement

chartering and agency service

chemical engineering

chemical engineering, petrochemistry and bioengineering

chemical sciences

chemical technology

chemical technology and biotechnology

chemical technology of food additives and cosmetics

chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials

chemical technology of heatresistant nonmetal and silicate materials

chemical technology of high temperature non-metallic and silicate materials

chemical technology of high temperature nonmetallic and silicate materials

chemical technology of high-molecular weight compounds

chemical technology of highmolecular compounds

chemical technology of inorganic substances

chemical technology of natural energy resources and carbon materials

chemical technology of organic matters

chemical technology of organic substances

chemical technology of rare elements and materials on their basis

chemical technology of woodworking and vegetable raw materials


chemistry of heterocyclic compounds

chemistry of the environments

children`s cardiology

children`s dentistry

children`s endocrinology

choral conducting

choreographic art

city building and economy

city development and economy

civil and industrial architecture

civil engineering

civil law, family law, entrepreneurial law, international private law

civil process, arbitrary process

civil service

clinical immunology and allergology 

clinical laboratory diagnostics

clinical laboratory diagnostics

clinical medicine

clinical pathology

clinical pharmacology

clinical pharmacy

clinical psychology

clinical residency

combustion engines


commercial activity

commercial activity

commercial law

commodity and commerce activities

commodity and expertise in customs affairs

commodity research and commerce

commodity research and commercial enterprise

commodity research and examination in customs matters

commodity science and entrepreneurship

commodity science and the organization of foreign trade

commodity science commercial logistics

communication networks

communication theory and international public relations (pr)

comparative history of civilization and security issues

comparative philosophy

competitiveness management in space industry

complex protection of information objects

complex use of water resources

composite and powder materials, coatings

compressors, pneumatic and vacuum equipment

computational civil engineering

computer and information science

computer design technologies

computer ecological and economical monitoring

computer ecology and economic monitoring

computer engineering

computer management systems and technologies

computer management systems for economic objects

computer science

computer science and computer facilities

computer science and computing machinery

computer science and mathematics

computer science and technology

computer science, economics

computer science, foreign language

computer sciences

computer software

computer systems and nets

computer systems and networks

computer systems and networks

computer systems management and automation

computer technologies and systems of publishing and printing production

computer technologies and systems of publishing and printing production systems

computer-aided design systems

computer-aided design systems in civil engineering, etc.

computer-aided engineering (projecting) systems

computer-aided technologies of designing

computer-based intellectual methods of measurement

computer-based machine building industry

computer-integrated manufacturing processes and production

computer-integrated technological processes and plants

computer-integrated technological processes and productions

computeraided technologies of designing

computere systems and networks

computerintegrated technological processes and plants

computerintegrated technological processes and productions

computerized technologies and electronic publishing systems

computers design automation

computers, computer systems and networks

computers, computing complexes, networks and systems

computers, computing complexes, systems and networks

computing aided design systems

computing machines, complexes, systems and networks

computing mathematics and programming

computing safety

conceptual design and effectiveness of aviation system



constitutional law, municipal law

construct of gas supplying systems

construct of gas-and-oil industry equipment and instruments

construct of trunk oil-and-gas pipelines


construction and operation of airports

construction and operation of buildings and structures; installation and maintenance of equipment and supply systems

construction engineering

construction materials

construction of railways, bridges and transport tunnels

construction of unique buildings and structures

construction of unique buildings and structures, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and technical cover of roads, bridges and tunnels

contemporary research on latin america (spanish medium)

control and automation systems

control and diagnosis systems of oil and gas complex units

control and informatics in technical systems

control and information in engineering systems

control in computer systems

control in engineering systems

control in technical systems

control of information safety

control of information security

control systems of flying machines and their complexes

control systems of power production and distribution

control systems of production and electrical energy distribution

conveying systems and logistics

conveying, road machines and equipment

corporate law

creative industries and management in the field of culture

credit and finances

crimean tatar language and literature

criminal law: legal regulation and practice

crisis – proof administration

crystal physics for optics


culture studies


customs law and regulations

cutaneous and venereal diseases

data protection in computer systems and networks access



deaf-and-dumb pedagogics

decorative and folk arts

decorative applied art

deep-sea navigation

dental surgery


dentistry faculty

department of bashkir philology and journalism

department of biology

department of chemistry

department of civil engineering works and construction of mines

department of economics

department of engineering

department of geography

department of history

department of mathematics

department of philology

department of philosophy and sociology

department of physics

department of psychology

department of romance and germanic philology

department of state management

department of steel and construction materials



design (graphic, industrial, of sphere, clothes )

design (special design of costume, design of accessories and design of environment)

design and construction of objects of oil and gas production complex

design and exploitation of gas pipelines and gas storage facilities and automobile gas-filling compressor plant

design and exploitation of gas-supply system

design and exploitation of oil-products pipelines and petroleum storage depots

design and operation of electronic appliances

design and technological support of machine production

design and technological support of machine-building productions

design and technology support for mechanical engineering industry

design of architectural environment

design of technological machines and complexes

design of technological machines and complexes

design-engineering supply for mechanical engineering

designing and manufacturing articles made of composites

designing and technology of radiotechnical systems

designing, construction and operation of highways

development and exploitation of oil, gas and gas condensate fields

devices and facilities

devices and measurement-computating complexes

devices of highprecision mechanics


differential equations

diseases of the ear, throat and nose

doctoranture distance

document knowledge and information activity

document management

document management and archival studies

document management and information activity

documentation and information

documentation science and information activity

documentation science and information studies


dynamics and strength of machines

earth science


ecology and environment protection

ecology and environmental management

ecology and environmental protection

ecology and nature

ecology and use of nature

ecology and wildlife management

ecology, environmental protection and compensated land use

ecology, environmental protection and rational management of nature

ecology, environmental protection and well-balanced exploitation of natural resources

ecology, environmental protection and wellbalanced exploitation of natural resources

ecology, protection environment and equilibrated nature management

economic cybernetics

economic faculty

economic sciences

economic security

economic theory

economic-legal regulation of enterprise activity

economical cybernetics


economics (international trade)

economics and budgeting in civil engineering

economics and industrial management

economics and management

economics and management at enterprise (on branches)

economics and management in fuel & energy complex

economics and management in organization

economics and management of enterprises

economics and management of enterprises (in thermal power industry)

economics and management of research and development

economics of enterprise

economics of enterprises

economics of environment and natural resources

economics of innovative business

economics of investments

economics of labour

economics of natural resources management

economics of real estates in agriculture

economics of space activities

economics of sustainability


economy and control of manufacturing enterprises

economy and enterprises

economy and management at industrial enterprises

economy and management of construction enterprises

economy and management of transport enterprises

economy of a company and branch markets

economy of enterprise

economy of enterprises

education and pedagogical sciences

educational establishment management

educational psychology and pedagogy

electric and mechanical equipment for power-consuming productions

electric and mechanical equipment for powerconsuming productions

electric appliances

electric equipment of automobiles and tractors

electric machine industry

electric machines and devices

electric power engineering and electrical engineering

electric power enginering faculty

electric power stations

electric power supply (in industries)

electric power systems and networks

electric systems and networks

electric systems and vehicles complexes

electric systems of power consumption

electric transport

electric transport of railways

electrical and electronic apparatuses

electrical and thermal engineering

electrical devices and systems

electrical drive and automation of industrial installations and technological system

electrical engineer, electromechanics and electrotechnology

electrical engineering and electrical technologies

electrical engineering and electromechanics

electrical engineering and information system

electrical engineering and technology

electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies

electrical equipment of factories, offices and institutions

electrical equipment of flying vehicles

electrical insulators and cables engineering , capacitors technology

electrical machinery and apparatus

electrical machines and devices

electrical mechanics

electrical power engineering

electrical power engineering and electrical technology

electrical systems and complex of transport means

electrical systems and networks

electrical systems of electrical power consumption

electrical transport

electrical – technological installations and systems

electro mechanics

electro-mechanical automated systems and electric drive

electroengineering and electrotechnologies

electromechanic systems of automation and electric drive

electromechanical automation system and electric

electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive

electromechanical systems of automation and electric drivem



electronic computers

electronic devices and drives

electronic devices and equipment

electronic devices and systems

electronic devices and systems

electronic devices and units

electronic devices manufacture

electronic devices production

electronic equipment

electronic household appliances

electronic industry equipment

electronic systems

electronics and nanoelectronics

electronics, radio engineering and communication systems

electropower and electromechanical systems

electrotechnical systems of electric power supply

electrotechnics end electrical technologies

electrotechniques, electromechanics and electrotechnologies

elementary education (based on spe, contracted)

elementary education at school studio

elementary education, pre-school education

emergency medical services





endovascular diagnosis and treatment

energetic mechanical engineering

energy control and marketing in power industry

energy efficient and resource-saving processes in chemical technology

energy law

energy management

energy managementb

energy performance and electric supply in mining

energy-and resource-saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemical and biotechnology

energy-efficient and resource-saving processes in

engineering -&- physical faculty

engineering and computer drawing

engineering and technology of construction

engineering departments

engineering economics and dynamics of industrial development

engineering education (according to the program chosen)

engineering environmental facilities

engineering environmental protection

engineering graphics

engineering materials

engineering mechanics

engineering of monitoring and control in mining department

engineering protection of environment

engineering protection of the environment

engineering sciences

engineering system tests

engineering systems automatic equipment management

engineering systems control

engineering technology and equipment

engines of internal combustion

english language and literature

english language and literature, second foreign language (german or greek)

enterprise economics

enterprise economy

enterprise economy and management

environment protection

environment protection and balanced nature management

environmental and water use

environmental biotechnology

environmental chemistry

environmental economics

environmental engineering and water resources

environmental engineering survey

environmental management (shanghai university)

environmental management ecological safety expertise

environmental management economics

environmental protection

environmental security


equipment and electrophysics of high-voltages

equipment and electrophysics of highvoltages

equipment and methods of quality control and diagnostics

equipment and technology of increased wear resistance and restoration of details of machines and devices

equipment for chemical production and construction materials enterprises

equipment for chemical production and enterprises of construction materials

equipment for materials processing with pressure

equipment of chemical productions and factories of constructional materials

equipment of forestry complex

equipment of oil and gas mines

equipment of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry

equipment of processing and food industries

equipments and devices in textile and the light industry


european studies

examination of goods and services

examination of quality and certification of services

exercise therapy and sports medicine

expertise and management of real estate

exploitation of drilling equipment

exploitation of gas-and-oil equipment

exploitation of ship power plants

exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes

exploitation, repair and strengthening of buildings and constructions


eye diseases

facilities and technology of increasing wear resistance and restoration of machine parts

faculty for automatics and instrument engineering

faculty for computer science and management

faculty for transport engineering industry

faculty of applied political science

faculty of automation and computer science

faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics

faculty of biology

faculty of business and finance

faculty of business informatics

faculty of chemical and environmental engineering

faculty of chemistry

faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics

faculty of computer science and information technologies

faculty of drug industrial technology

faculty of economic information science and management

faculty of economics

faculty of economics and management

faculty of economics and management (economics, management, accounting, audit, finance and credit, applied informatics in economics, social work)

faculty of educational studies

faculty of engineering (agroengineering, electroenergy and electrotechnics)

faculty of fine and performing arts

faculty of foreign languages and area studies

faculty of fundamental medicine

faculty of geography

faculty of geology

faculty of global processes

faculty of highway and road construction (transportation, exploitation, construction)

faculty of history

faculty of integral training of specialists

faculty of journalism

faculty of law

faculty of management

faculty of materials science

faculty of mathematics

faculty of mechanical engineering

faculty of mechanics and mathematics

faculty of pharmacy

faculty of philology

faculty of philosophy

faculty of physical chemistry

faculty of physics

faculty of pipeline network design, construction and operation

faculty of political science

faculty of psychology

faculty of public administration

faculty of sociology

faculty of soil science

faculty of technology (commodity and examination of goods, technology of production and processing of agricultural

faculty of the integral technology and applied chemistry

faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology (bioecology, biology, veterinary)

faculty of world economy and international affairs

faculty of world politics

faculty technology of inorganic substances

faculty technology of organic substances

family medicine


finance and credit

finance and creditin

finance and credits

finance in mining


finances and credit

finances and credit (international program, half a year in europe, year studying in english)

financial law

financial management in economic sectors

fine arts and decorative applied art

fire safety

flexible computerized systems and robotics

folk instruments

folk singing art

food industry machines and apparatuses

food products from animal origin

food products from vegetable raw materials

food technologies and engineering

food technology", restaurant business and service

foreign activities management

foreign economic activity management

foreign economic operations management

foreign language (english), foreign language (second-for choice)

foreign language for professional communication and technical translation

foreign language, foreign language (second-for choice)

foreign languages

foreign languages

foreign regional science

foreign regions studies



forestry work

foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

foundry technology of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

francophone countries

french language and literature

functional diagnostics

functional methods in differential equations and interdisciplinary researches

fundamental and applied chemistry

fundamental and applied physics

fundamental computer science and information technology

fundamental informatics and informational technologies


gas and steam turbine installations and engines


general and regional geology

general dentistry

general medicine

general medicine (family medicine)

general medicine faculty

general world policy (joint programme with diplomatic academy)


geo-informational systems and technologies


geodesy and remote sensing

geodesy, cartography and land management

geodesy, cartography and organization of the use of land

geodesy, mapping and organization of land exploitation

geodetic astronomy

geographic informational systems and technologies


geological exploration technology



geology, exploration and mining

geophysical methods of prospecting

geophysical wells exploration

german language and literature

german language and literature, second foreign language (english or greek)

german technical faculty

goods-lift transport construction and road machines and equipment

governance and global affairs m.a. in international affairs   

governmental and municipal management

graduate school of innovative business

graduate school of management and innovation

graduate school of public administration

grain storage and processing technology

graphic design

gravitation, cosmology and relativist astrophysics

greek language and literature, second foreign language (english)

ground transport-technological complexes

ground vehicles


handling, building, road, meliorating machinery and equipment

head- and gas-supply and ventilation

healthcare and public health


heat and gas supply and airconditioning

heat and gas supply and ventilation

heat and power engineering

heat and power engineering and heat engineering

heat power engineering

heat power stations

heat power technology

heat-power engineering

heat-power engineering and heat technology

heatpower engineering

helicopter design

hematology transfusion

high technology plasma and electric power plants

high – voltage electric and power engineering


higher mathematics

highways and air fields

highways and airfields

highways and airports

historical science

historical sciences and archeology


history and sociology

history, language and culture of ukraine

history, social science

hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment

hoisting-and-transport, building, road machines and equipment

hotel and restaurant business

hotel business

hotel management

household electrical devices information systems and technologies

household management

household radio electronic equipment

human anatomy

human health

human resource management

hydraulic and pneumatic machines

hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives, hydro – and pneumatic control

hydraulic machines, hydrodrives and hydropneumoautomatics

hydraulic, air-free and compressor unit equipment

hydraulic, environmental control and emergency systems

hydro engineering (water resources)


hydrotechnical construction


illuminating technology and light sources

immovability management in agro-industrial comples

increase of machines and constructions

industrial and civil construction

industrial and civil engineering

industrial biotechnology

industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources.

industrial ecology and sustainable use of natural resources

industrial economics

industrial electronics

industrial heat – and – power engineering

industrial management

industrial thermal power engineering

infectious diseases

infocommunication technologies and communication systems


informatics and computer engineering

informatics and computer facilities

informatics in economics

information and communication system safety

information and control complexes

information and measurement systems

information communication networks

information communications and intellectual systems control

information control systems

information control systems and technologies

information design technologies

information management systems and technologies

information managing systems and technologies

information protection with restricted access and its automated processing

information science

information science and computer engineering

information security

information security in computer systems and networks

information security of automated systems

information security systems

information system

information systems

information systems and technologies

information systems and technologies

information systems and technology

information systems for engineering and technologies

information systems in civil engineering

information technologies

information technologies of design

information technologies security

information technology

information technology consulting for companies

informational management systems and technologies

informational technologies in international business



innovation management

innovation management

innovation management in manufacturing industry and industrial construction

innovation technologies in oil and gas exploration and prospecting

innovation technologies in solid minerals exploration and prospecting

innovations and technology transfer

innovations in business creating and developing

innovative activity management

inovtaion technology in musical education

institute of computer technologies

institute of economics and finance

institute of european law

institute of law

institute of law and humanities

institute of lifelong learning

institute of management

institute of master programs (business school)

instrument engineering

instrument engineering

instrument making


instruments and systems of non-destructive testing

instruments and systems of nondestructive testing

instruments of precision mechanics

insurance and insurance management

integrated protection of plants

intellectual property

intellectual property management

intellectual propertys

intellectual systems of decision making

intellectualization and optimization of control processes

intelligence systems for decisionmaking

intelligent microsystem technology electronic equipment

intelligent systems for decision making

inter-school departments

interior art

internal ilnesses

international advertising and public relations

international business

international business management

international business: political aspects and management

international commerce

international company financial management

international economic activity

international economic relations

international economics

international economy

international finance and banks

international finance management (double diploma program with turku university, year studying in english, year studying in finland)

international human rights protection

international information

international institute of administration

international institute of energy policy and diplomacy

international law

international law and the law of the european union

international law. european law

international legal cooperation of commonwealth of independent states

international management

international marketing

international private law

international protection of human rights

international relations

international relations (political problems of international relations and global development)

international trade

international trade (joint programme with cnam, paris)

international trade law


interpretation (english language)

interpretation (french language)

interpretation (german language)

it in design

it management

italian language and literature, second foreign language (english)


jet engines


judicial power, prosecutor’s supervision, organization of law enforcement activity, the bar, notariat



jurisprudence (lawyer)


labor protection in technosphere

laboratory diagnostics

labour protection

labour protection in petroleum production

land management and cadastre

land management and inventory

land regulation and register

land tenure and cadastre

land transport-technological means

land transportation technological systems

land transportation technological vehicles

landscape architecture

landscape economy

language and culture: russia-europe (joint programme with bordeaux 3 universtiy)

language and culture: slavonic studies (joint programme with bordeaux 3 universtiy)

language of instruction

language studies

laser and optoelectronic engineering

laser and optoelectronic technics

laser engineering and laser technologies


law (international protection of human rights)

law school

law science

lawyer in sport, show business and advertizing

leather and fur processing technology

legal psychology

legal security of business

life and flight safety support systems

life safety

life safety and civil protection

lifting-and-shifting, building, road, soil-reclamation machines and equipment

lifting-transport, building, road, melioration machines and equipment

light industry and consumer services equipment


linguistics and literary criticism

linguistics. legal translation and interpreting

linguistics. translator and interpreter for public services and institutions

literature studies



logistics and management of deliveries

low temperature physics and technology

machine building technology

machine construction technology

machine engineering

machine tools and machinery systems

machine tools and systems

machinery and parts of machines

machinery engineering

machines and apparatus for chemical engineering and building materials plants

machines and packaging technology

machines and technologies for highly efficient material processing

maintenance of aircraft and engines

maintenance of aircraft electric systems and avionics

maintenance of aircrafts

maintenance of transport radio equipment


management (consulting)

management (in sports)

management (informatics)

management (international management)

management (international marketing)

management (international trade)

management (transport)

management and administration

management and consulting

management and control in technical systems

management and economics of pharmacy

management and industrial business administration

management in geodesic and cadastre technologies

management in higher education

management in knowledge intensive industries

management in oil and gas engineering

management in technical systems

management law

management of antimonopoly activity

management of customs

management of enterprise

management of enterprise (in electrical engineering)

management of enterprise (in electrical power engineering)

management of enterprise (in thermal power engineering)

management of enterprises

management of foreign economics

management of high technologies

management of information resources

management of innovations

management of innovative activity

management of international education

management of international projects

management of international projects (joint programme with cnam, paris)

management of nursing activities

management of organization

management of organizations

management of organizations of sea transportation

management of personnel

management of public relations

management of science-based industries

management of science-based industry branches

management of soil fertility

management of the tourism industry

management of trade

management of transport and technological machines and systems

management to organizations

managerial psychology

mangement of misical art

manufacturing engineering

manufacturing of electronic facilities

maritime law



marketing and commercialization in aerospace industry

marketing of innovation in context modern technological trends

marketing of innovations under current technological trends

marketing on goods and services market

masters’s programme in e-business

material science

material science and technology of advanced materials

materials art processing technology

materials for publishing and printing productions

materials for publishing and printing productionsb

materials processing with special technologies

materials science and technology

materials science and technology of novel materials

materials science in mechanical engineering

materials technology

mathematical and computer modelling

mathematical cybernetics

mathematical methods in economics

mathematical modeling in space research


mathematics and computer science

mathematics and mechanics

mathematics, economics

mathematics, foreign language

mathematics, physics

maxillo-facial surgery

means of ground technical maintenance of aircraft

mechanical engineering

mechanical engineering and management

mechanical engineering faculty

mechanical engineering technology and mining machinery maintenance

mechanical-&-technological faculty


mechanisms and machines theory

mechatronics and robotics

medical acoustic and bioacoustic devices and units

medical and social care

medical biophysics

medical care and diseases prevention

medical cybernetics

medical devices and systems

medical instruments and systems

medical law

medical social examination



medicine in english medium


merchandise and expert operation of goods


merchandising and goods expertise

metal forming

metal physics and heat treatment of metals

metal-cutting machine tools and systems

metal-cutting machine-tools and tooling

metal-cutting technologies

metallurgical machines and equipment


metallurgy of ferrous metals

metallurgy of man-caused and secondary resources

metallurgy of non-ferrous metals

methods and inspection tools of quality and production certification

methods of building structures, products, and materials

metrology and data measuring techniques

metrology and information-measuring technologies

metrology and informational and measuring technologies

metrology and interchangeability

metrology and measurement technology

metrology and measuring engineering

metrology and measuring equipment

metrology and measuring technical equipment

metrology and metrological control

metrology, measuring technics and informational-measuring

metrology, standardization and certification

metrology, standardization and inspection certification

micro and nano electronics

micro- and nano-electronic

micro- and nano-electronics

microelectronic electrical systems

microelectronics and semiconductor devices

microelectronics and solid sate electronics

microelectronics and solid state electronics

microelectronics, electronic devices and appliances

mine and underground construction

minerals processing


mining economy and operational management

mining engineerging and technology (mines)

mining engineerging and technology of excavation (quarries)

mining engineering

mining machinery and equipment

mining surveying and geodesy

modern biotechnologies in livestock production

modern international journalism

modern landscape architecture and design

morbid anatomy

moscow school of economics

motor transport

motor transport and technology systems

motor vehicles and motoring

multi-purpose caterpillar and wheel machines

multicomponent nanostructured coatings. nanofilms.

multimedia and computer systems

municipal construction and city economy

musical and instrumental art

musical variety art


musicology and arts and crafts





nanotechnologies and microsystem engineering

nanotechnologies and microsystem engineering, engineering and physical technologies in nano-industry (pfur- kurchatov research institute joint innovative inter-disciplinary program)

nanotechnology and materials for micro- and nanosystems

nanotechnology and microsystem technology


natural-science education

nature development and water consumption

navigation on sea and inner water ways




nerve diseases




new greek language and literature

non – conventional and renewable energy sources


non-linear analysis, optimization and mathematical modeling

non-traditional energy sources

nontraditional energy sources

nuclear energy

nuclear physics and technologies

nuclear power engineering and thermophysics

nuclear, thermal and renewable energy and associated technologies



obstetrics and gynaecology

occupational pathology


offshore oil and gas technologies

oil and gas business

oil and gas engeneering

oil and gas geology

oil and gas management

oil and gus management




operating systems of aircrafts and complexes

operation and maintenance of ship's automated systems

operation and maintenance of transportation and production machines and equipment

operation and service of transport and technological machines and equip-ment (service on motor transport)

operation management and marketing

operation of innovations

operation of machines and complexes

operation of transport and technological machines and complexes


optic techniques

optical engineering

optical-electronic instruments and systems

opto engineering

optoengineering civil engineering

orchestral string instruments

orchestral wind and percussion instruments

ordinatura (residency)

organization and administration of space activities

organization and management in mining industry

organization and management in mining industry

organization and safety of traffic

organization and technology of information protection

organization and technology of protection of the information

organization and traffic safety (railway)

organization management

organization of information production

organization of public health and public health

organization of transportation and management of transport

organization of transportation and management of transport (air transport)

organization of transportation and transport management

organization of work with youth

organizations management



orthopedic dentistry



overseas regional studies

overseas regional studies. profile «china, eastern arabia»

overseas regional studies. profile «russian studies»

packaging development, production and design technology

packing machinery and technology

painting art

parks and gardens architecture

parts restoration and wear-resistance increase


pathological anatomy

pedagogic sciences

pedagogical education

pedagogical education (fine arts)

pedagogical education (historical education)

pedagogical education (foreign languages)


pedagogics and psychology

pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

pediatric dentistry

pediatric endocrinology

pediatric surgery

pediatric surgery


peration of vehicles

persian language and literature

personnel management

personnel management

personnel management in a commercial firm

petroleum engineering

pharmaceutical analysis in manufacturing and quality control of medicines

pharmaceutical technology

pharmacology, Сlinical pharmacology


pharmacy (speciality)

pharmacy. master of pharmacy

philological education

philological sciences


philology ( english language and literature )

philology: azerbaijan, arabic, hindi, chinese, korean, persian, turkish, japanese languages and literature and translation

philology: classical and west-european languages and literature

philology: croatian, ukrainian language and literature

philology: czech, ukrainian language and literature

philology: english, spanish, german, modern greek, french languages and literature and translation

philology: folkloristic

philology: literature art, ukrainian language and literature

philology: polish, ukrainian language and literature

philology: russian language and literature, foreign language

philology: translation (from english, spanish, italian, german and french languages)

philology: ukrainian language, literature and foreign language

philosophic sciences


philosophy and cultorology

philosophy and modern world

philosophy, ethics and religional studies

photonics, instrumentation, optical and bioengineering systems and technologies





physical and biomedical electronics

physical and engineering science and technologies

physical chemistry

physical chemistry of materials and processes

physical culture and sport

physical education

physical education

physical education

physical educations

physical foundations of electronic engineering

physical material science

physical processes of mining or oil and gas production

physical rehabilitation

physical therapy and sports medicine

physical training

physical-mathematical methods and models in controlling complex rocket and space technical systems


physicotechnical faculty


physics and astronomy

physics and engineering

physics of condensed matter

physics of magnetic phenomena

physics of metals

physics of nuclei and high-energy physics

physics of rocks and mining




planning and managing city development

plant protection

plastic surgery

political institutions, processes and technologies

political problems of international relations and global development

political problems of the globalizing world

political sc. (political problems of international relations and global development)

political science

political sciences and regional studies

politics and economics in eurasia m.a. in p.sc.


polymer processing technology

postgraduate course distance

powder metallurgy, composite materials and coatings

power and electrical engineering

power engineering

power engineering machinery

power engineering management

power engineering of heat technologies

power industry and electrical engineering

power machinery engineering

power management

power mechanical engineering faculty

power stations

power supply of enterprises

power-machine building

practical psychology

pre-medical language course  

pre-school education (based on spe, contracted)

precesses, machinery and equipment (farm mechanization)

preparatory faculty

preventive dentistry

printing machines and automated complexes

prints technology

probability theory and mathematical statistics

processes and devises of industrial chemistry

production engineering

production machines and equipment

production of cutting tools

production of oil and gas

production organization and management

production technology and organization of public catering

products, technology of public catering, agronomy, agroecology, horticulture)

professional sport management

professional training in the direction of computer technologies in management and training

professional training on production, operation and repair of hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment

prognostication and strategic planning in space-rocket industry

program engineering

programmatic engineering

project management

prophylactic medicine





psychiatrics and narcology



psycho-pedagogical education

psychological and pedagogical education

psychological counseling

psychological sciences


psychology and social pedagogics

psychology of teaching


public administration

public and municipal managemen

public economic law

public health organization

public health service

public international law

public relations

public relations and advertising



publishing and editing

publishing and polygraphics

publishing trade and editing



quality control

quality management

quality management

quality, standardization and certification

quantum and optical electronics

quantum physics for advanced materials engineering

radiation therapy


radio communication, broadcasting and television equipment

radio communication, broadcasting and television equipmentm

radio electronic devices

radio electronic devices and features

radio electronic devices, systems and complexes

radio electronic units

radio electronics systems

radio engineering

radio engineering devices, systems and complexes

radio engineering fundamentals

radio engineering, radioelctronical devices and connections:

radio – physics and electronics

radio-electronic system


radioelectronical apparatus

radiolocation and radionavigation


radiophysics and electronics

radioreceiving devices

radiosystems of control and data transmission

railway cars

railway construction, track and track facilities

railway power supply

rational environmental management

ready-made garments design

real estate economics in the agroindustrial complex

real estate service

records management and archival science

recreation and health tousirm

refinery technology & art


refrigerating machines and units

regenerative medicine, sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy

region study

regional studies

regional studies (western and eastern divisions)

relay control and automation of electrical power system


religious studies

remote sensing of natural resources by aerospace means

research institute for knowledge management

research institute for quality management

research institute for quality management

resistance of materials, dynamics and strength of machines

restoring and improving the durability of components and structures



river and underground hydro-technical constructions

robotics systems and complexes

robotomehanichnical systems and complexes

robots and robotic systems



russian culture and the arts: traditions and modernity  

russian history of xix – beg.xxi cc

russian language

russian language and literature

russian language and literature, second foreign language (english or greek)

safety of engineering field

safety of environment

sanitary and hygiene

school of business administration

school of contemporary social sciences

school of international economic relations

school of international journalism 

school of international relations

school of political science

school of state audit

school of television

school of translation and interpretation

science and materials of solar energy

science of law


scientific discipline of documentation

scientific discipline of documentation and archivistics

scientific discipline of documentation and informational activity

scientific, analytical and ecological instruments and systems

sea and river transport

sea-going hydrographic ships' navigation

security and processing automation of restricted access information

semiconductor devices and microelectronics


service in organizations specializing in production and repair of custom wooden wares

service in organizations specializing in production and repair of works of art

service of maintenance systems in hotels, restaurants, tourist and sports facilities

service of transport and technological machines

service, repair and reconstruction of oil-and-gas supply systems

ship construction and ocean technologies

ship power plants and equipment

shipbuilding and ocean engineering

ships and ocean engineering

ships' power and refrigerating plants operation

ships' power plants operation

simulation of material production, processing and treatment

singing (academic,variety)


social and economic education

social anthropology

social informatics

social information studies

social pedagogics

social psychology

social studies

social work

social works

social-cultural service and tourism


sociology and psychology

sociology of management and social management

software and administration of information systems

software and administration of information systems

software engineering

software for computing engineering and automated systems

software of automated systems

software of computeraided systems

software support of computer-based systems

software systems

solar energy: science and materials

solid state micro- and nanoelectronicsmaterials and technology of miscroelectronicsprocesses of micro- and nanotechnologytechnology of nano-sized materials for magneto-electronicsphysics and technology of renewable energy sourcesphysics and technology of quantum-sized hetero-compositions

space geodesy

space systems and rocketry

spacecraft power plants, energy and energophysical installations

special (speech correction) education

special metallurgy

special preschool pedagogics and psychology

special psychology

special radioelectronics

speciality of “projects management”

specialization in advertising

specialized computer systems

speech therapy


standardization and certification

standardization and metrology

standardization and metrology

state and municipal administration

state and municipal in economics

state and municipal management

state and municipal management

state financial control

state municipal management



steam and gas turbine plants

stock and audit


structural dynamics and strength

structurally-technologic support of engineering productions

subsurface resources management innovation technologies



system analysis and control

system analysis and managemen

system analysis and management

system engineering

system engineering of aviation complexes

system programming

system programming

system research in control tasks

system software

systems analysis

systems engineering

systems of computer aided design

systems of control and automatics

systems of control and automation

systems of control and automation

systems of information protection, automated processing


taxes and taxation

teachers education

technical drawing

technical electrochemistry

technical operation of automobiles

technical operation of oil and gas technological transport

technical physics

technical physics

technical physics of nuclear reactors and plasma installations

technical service ships' navigation and dredging operations

technical systems management

technologic machines and equipment

technological and design support of machine-building enterprises

technological equipment for food production

technological machines and equipment

technological processes and productions safety

technologies of heat and fuel for thermal power plants

technologies of heat and radioactive waste from nuclear power

technologies, facilities of mechanization and power equipment in agriculture, forestry and fisheries

technology and automation prodaction

technology and equipment for regeneration and increasing wear resistance of machines and units

technology and equipment for renewal and improvement of wearresistance of machines and constructions

technology and equipment of restoration and wear resistance

technology exploration

technology of artistic finishing treatment of materials

technology of bread, confectionary, macaroni food and concentrated food products

technology of building constructions, products and materials

technology of building constructions, wares and materials

technology of building structures products and materials

technology of electronic and multimedia editions

technology of electronic and multimedia editionsb

technology of electronic multimedia editions

technology of ensuring quality and safety of food products and manufacturin

technology of fermentation and winemaking

technology of fermentation production, winemaking

technology of film and photographic materials and magnetic media

technology of fish and sea-products storage, canning and processing

technology of food products for sanitary and prophylactic purposes

technology of instrument making

technology of instrumentation

technology of meat storage, canning, and processing

technology of mechanical engineering

technology of milk storage, canning, and processing

technology of mineral processing

technology of oil and gas field engineering

technology of perfume - cosmetic preparation

technology of pharmaceutical preparations

technology of polymers treatment

technology of printing and packaging production

technology of processing of plastic materials and elastomers

technology of processing of plastic materials and elastomers

technology of production and processing of agricultural products

technology of public catering

technology of storing, canning and processing of fruits and vegetables

technology of transport processes

technology, equipment and automation of engineering productions

technosphere safety


telecommunication systems

telecommunication systems and networks

telecommunication technologies

telecommunication technologies and facilities

telecommunication, radio and television

telecommunication, radio broadcasting and television equipment


testing devices and techniques

the animal products production and processing technology (engineering-technological)

the construction of leather products

the construction of sewing products

the dental school

the earth sciences

the english language, the russian language

the general medicine school

the institute of asian and african studies

the list of specialities in accordance with educational qualification levels (specialists , masters : management of organizations)

the organization and safety of traffic

the right, history

the russian language and literature

the school for auxiliary medical personnel

the school of clinical psychology

the standardization and the certification

the technology and design of the packaging industry

the technology and the construction of products and materials of the light industry

the technology of conversion of plastic masses and elastomers

the technology of leather and fur

the technology of leather products

the technology of sewing industry


theoretical and applied linguistics

theoretical and applied mechanics

theoretical and mathematical physics

theoretical electrotechnics

theoretical mechanics

theoretical physics

theoretical radio engineering

theory and design of buildings and constructions

theory and history of art

theory and history of law and state, comparative-legal research

theory and methods of foreign languages and cultures teaching

theory and practice of organizational, technological and economic solutions in construction

theory of economics

theory of probability

theory of translation and cross-cultural communication

theory, methodology and methods of sociology : history and modern times

therapeutic dentistry

therapeutic exercise and sports medicine



thermal engineering

thermal engines of ground vehicles

thermal physics

thermal physics, automation and ecology of industrial furnaces

thermal power station

thermal power stations

thermoelectric power stations


tour guide


tourism planning and development

town construction and public utilities

town planning


trade (commerce)

traffic organization and regulation

train operation and transport management



translation (english)

translation (greek)

translation (ukrainian, russian, polish)

translation and the translating process


transport complexes of rocket engineering

transport systems

transport technologies

transport technologies (according to the types of transport)

transport technologies (by modes of transportation)

transport technologies (by transport types)

transportation and mining mechanical engineering

traumatology and orthopedics

traumatology and orthopedics

turkish language and literature

ukrainian language and literature

ukrainian language and literature, second foreign language (english or greek)

ultrasonic diagnosis

unauthorized access security systems

undergraduate programme in applied political science

underground mine development of mineral deposits

underground mining of flat masses

urban cadastre

urban construction and economy

urban planning



variety art music

vehicles of radios electronic


veterinary and sanitary expertise

veterinary and sanitary expertise, safety and quality of raw materials and biological products

veterinary and zootechnics

veterinary medicine

veterinary-sanitary examination

veterinary-sanitary examination

video, audio and cinetechnics


vocational training (on branches)

warm and gas supplying and ventilation

water and fuel technology on the thermal and nuclear power stations

water resources

water supply and water disposal

water supply and water overflow

water-supply and drainage system

water-supply and water disposal structures and equipment


welding industrial systems

welding technology and equipment

welfare service and tourism

wheeled and tracked vehicles

wheeltrack vehicles

work with youth organization

workflow and production automation

world economics

world economy

world economy

world policy: conceptual base and intercultural interaction

world politics: political processes and international safety

x-ray and endovascular diagnostics and treatment