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28 October 2013

Eastern European University Association took part in annual education fair in Belgrad thus successfully introducing Russian and Ukrainian education to Serbian students. The fair lasted 7 days and all future students had the excellent opportunity to get first hand information from university representatives from England, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

EEUA was particularly impressed by the overwhelming number of students interested to obtain their degree in Russia or Ukraine. Young Serbians were active, showed keen interest in studying both at Bachelor and Master levels, initiated all forms of discussions, inquired about the medium of instruction, degree recognition and everyday life in Russia & Ukraine. With the help of various promotional materials in Serbian language and video presentations, EEUA representatives managed to convey all relevant information to the prospective students and helped them to successfully choose the best university for their field of studies. 

Interestingly, many students were keen to find out about the possibilities of studying different religion related courses such as icon painting or priesthood. Being incredibly rich in cultural and religious heritage Moscow and Saint-Petersburg were considered by these students in the first place.

In terms of study destinations students were attracted both by big cities like Moscow which has been recognized as the capital of billionaires for 3 times already, and smaller regional cities with lower tuition fees and more peaceful lifestyle.

Overall Serbian students were greatly impressed by the variety of courses offered in Russia and Ukraine, the affordable tuition fee structure and versatile education system. Students were thrilled with encouraging prospects of studying in the environment with similar mentality and the application of European education techniques.

Taking into account strong interest of Serbian students in Russian & Ukrainian universities, EEUA has all grounds to believe that the student flow from Serbia to Russia & Ukraine is bound to increase in the following years.

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