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28 November 2013

In late November this year, namely on November 27-28, Ethiopia opened its doors to a totally new project bearing the sublime name«It’s time to study in Russia!» and aiming to increase the interest of Ethiopian students in Russian education and select the most talented graduates from national schools for training in Russian universities.

"It`s time to study in Russia!" is the pilot project of an initiative group from Russian universities, Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation, Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Ethiopia and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In frame of the project an academic competition on mathematics will be held in March 2014 in several African countries and 3-5 best performing candidates will be awarded a state scholarship for studying at one of Russian leading state universities – participants of the project.

Under the auspices of Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Ethiopia and Eastern European University Association, the representatives of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics and Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”, together with EEUA representative, conducted a series of exceptionally informative workshops presenting their universities to the young Africans, in particular highlighting the entry requirements and study conditions in Russia. The presentations were supported by vivid video and PPT presentations which facilitated students’ understanding and painted a clear picture of Russian education and its advantages.

Moreover, the following leading Russian universities participated in the project distantly by providing university booklets and necessary materials:
• National Research University «MPEI»
• National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”
• Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics
• National Research University «MGSU»
• Moscow Witte University
• Moscow Institute of Technology
• Novosibirsk State Medical University
• Tyumen State University of Oil and Gas

Ethiopian students were provided with universities leaflets, brochures and other materials the total number of which amounted to 1800 pcs, as well as the exclusive catalogue edition of "It`s time to study in Russia!" containing information on the Russian universities – participants of the project and the conditions for training.

Ethiopian community expressed great interest towards this project, especially to governmental scholarships on the basis of the open Olympiads. Special credits for successful implementation of this project belong to the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Ethiopia, namely Mr Vyacheslav Konnik who has put enormous efforts nto the project.

While giving the universities the opportunity to explore the students’ potential and select the best candidates, the project is also of enormous benefit to African students who now have the chance and motivation to strive for a better future and choose their ideal university.

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