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21 January 2014


Russia grants legal work permits to foreign students!

Russia is becoming still more popular as a study destination for foreign students and attracts a huge number of Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate students from different countries.  Russia was put on the map by high quality and century long history of education, worldwide degree recognition, strong demand for Russian graduates in the world and last but not least – the affordability of studying. However, many students were concerned with job opportunities as student visa did not allow them to legally work in Russia. Now even this has been taken care of.

The Federation Council has adopted amendments to the Law on the legal status of foreigners in Russia. Now all foreign students studying in Russian universities can get legal employment on the basis of their student visa.

Previously foreign students were often forced to work illegally because of the problems with getting a work permit in Russia but now their chances have been set equal to the Russian cititzens. After student will register at university his visa will  act as the legal work permit.

Foreign students form an important constituent of Russian education sustainability and therefore the government is trying to facilitate students’ life in Russia in every way by providing them with an opportunity to get legal employment, revising the curricula, introducing distance entrance exams, building new hostels, developing on-campus facilities and infrastructure. Legal work permit will allow foreign students to find a part-time job and earn their everyday living, cover the food and transportation expenses or even allow them to pay hostel fees.  

This measure will certainly attract huge flows of new students willing to get their degree overseas. Now high quality Russian education gets still more affordable and accessible!

Please note that job market for foreign students is not very organized yet since it became legal just now. Russia has big job demand so students will be able to find good part time jobs.


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