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17 April 2012

This series of seminars to India is certainly the most extensive event that EEUA had ever undertaken. The journey encountered Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar,Jalandhar,Karnal,Chennai,Bangalore and Cochin. The executive director of our Association spent several days in each town and made informative presentations for prospective students who feel excited about getting affordable and excellent education in Russia and in Ukraine. Our team was constantly on the move, and this requires energy all the time! Despite the hectic pace, the trip turned out to be adventurous and advantageous in all ways!


The partners of EEUA hosted our team during the whole stay. The atmosphere was collaborative and distinctively amicable, so we express our gratitude to the agents in India for their guidance and support. The group even managed to go sightseeing and admire the beautiful scenery and main tourist attractions of India.


Regarding the responses of prospective students in India, they have been more than positive. Our India partners  have already sent us numerous applications of Indian students who aim at studying various courses in Russia and in Ukraine. The series of seminars arranged in India assured potential applicants that these countries are one of the best destinations for obtaining their degrees!






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