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19 March 2014

On March 10-17, 2014, EEUA participated in the 24th IEFT International Education Fairs of Turkey in Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya.


The fair welcomed over 150 institutions from around 30 different countries and nearly 20,000 prospective students attended the fair throughout the exhibition days. Once again IEFT has proven to be the largest and most successful International Education Fair in Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East.


Nowadays Turkey is a quickly-developing country, with the youngest population ratio in Europe, and many families and prospective students, who are looking outside of Turkey for viable study options, consider Russia, Ukraine & Belarus as one of the top priority study destinations.


Mostly Turkish students were interested in studying in Eastern Europe in line with the desire to broaden their horizons by studying and traveling, as well as working part-time and gaining valuable experience. The students were also keen on getting a degree in Russia in order to have better job prospects in future both in their home country and abroad.


It’s worth mentioning that Turkish students also expressed great interest towards studying in Ukraine despite the present political instability in the country. Ukraine offers an excellent opportunity for them to study abroad not far away from home and among people with similar mentality.


A great number of students felt very enthusiastic towards studying in Belarus, especially in its largest cities – Gomel, Minsk etc. – that offer magnificent opportunities both for studying and working part-time.


Students inquired both about Russian and English medium courses, while the main areas of their interest were such degree courses as Architecture, Law, Philology, Psychology, Business, Economics, Engineering, IT.


Overall, the participation in IEFT has been successful and EEUA sincerely hopes that the student flow from Turkey will increase still more over the coming years.

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