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2 April 2014

March 26-29, 2014, EEUA participated in the education fair in the capital of Botswana – Gaborone.

Botswana is considered to be a quite big emerging education market as nowadays the country has transformed itself into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a GDP per capita of about USD 16,400 per year and a high gross national income, possibly the fourth-largest in Africa, giving the country a modest standard of living. Botswana is also a member of the African Union, and has the second highest Human Development Index of continental Sub-Saharan African countries.

The education fair was organized by the Ministry of Education of Botswana. Among the main participants of the fair were the universities of Botswana, Russia, Canada, the USA and South Africa who presented their universities and acquainted the students with the possibilities of getting their degrees overseas.

The fair was visited by 15 000 students who were mainly interested in studying such courses as Medicine, Сivil engineering, Сomputer engineering, Psychology, Aviation engineering, Managment (Economics and Business) at Bachelor, Master or Postgraduate level. 

EEUA is glad to inform that the majority of students were impressed by the excellent opportunities offered by Russian state universitties and many students have decided to continue their education in Russia as it is both high quality and affordable. EEUA will continue visiting Botswana and is ready to support young Botswanians in their aspiration to study in Eastern Europe.

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