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8 April 2014

EEUA seminars in Bolivia

April 04-08, 2014, EEUA visited our long-term revered partner in Bolivia - Minerva Education Consultants, namely Mr Oscar del Rio and Mrs Shannon O’Brien who managed to organize a very effective program – an education seminar/presentation for Bolivian students and also 2 visits to the local schools in Santa-Cruz.

The seminar was attended by about 90 prospective students and their parents who were very eager to find out more about Russian education. EEUA representative made a 30 minutes presentation in Spanish highlighting the main advantages of studying in Russia and the requirements the students have to fulfill. The audience listened very carefully making occasional comments and taking notes. The presentation was followed by a detailed Q&A session during which EEUA rep answered all the questions and dispelled doubts about Russian education.

The representative of a Bolivian organization which gives student loans was also present at the event and made a short speech on the conditions of getting a student loan to study in Russia.

Overall the seminar proved to be very effective and clearly showed the interest of Bolivians in studying in Russia.

By visiting the local High schools EEUA and its partners could effectively reach the future potential students who are already taking their decision about studying abroad. As both schools were international the pupils were shown a PPT presentation in English which they greatly enjoyed and asked all sorts of questions concerning the weather conditions in Russia, campus facilities, extracurricular activities etc.  After communication with the pupils EEUA concluded that International school graduates my study in Russia in English medium without any problems.

EEUA would like to express enormous gratitude to Minerva Education Consultants for the perfect organization of successful EEUA visit and all the efforts they’ve put into the marketing campaign.

We believe that more and more Bolivian students will start coming to Russia and share their experience with their peers who will follow their example!

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