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15 May 2014

IUNC Eurasia successfully held by EEUA!

Eastern European University Association is proud to inform that the 3rd Annual International Universities Networking Conference “IUNC Eurasia” has been successfully held giving the educators from around the world the unique opportunity to network with their peers in the most productive and time-effective manner.


After the welcoming reception on May 11, 2014, which included Aquapark recreation and refreshments, IUNC Eurasia opened its doors to more than 130 educators from all around the globe all united by the same goals and interests –international university cooperation and internationalization of higher education globally.


Although most of the foreign universities were interested in establishing cooperation with Russian universities many of them also seized the opportunity to network among a great number of their foreign colleagues as many different countries were present at the event.


Among the participants were universities and language schools from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, the USA, Ukraine and Russia.


The participating universities greatly enjoyed the state of the art Marcom e-platform which allowed them to schedule appointments with potential partners easily and efficiently. The universities found it very convenient that each of them was assigned a table to conduct 30 minutes business appointments with potentially interesting partners and exchange various brochures and marketing materials.


Whereas prescheduled online B2B appointments universities remain the main feature of IUNC conferences, huge interest was also expressed towards the panel sessions and roundtables organized within the conference. The participants greatly appreciated the chance to listen to the insightful speeches of distinguished HE specialists from various countrieswho set their point of view on the major HE issues of today, shared their real life experiences and made their suggestions to improve certain aspects of the university internationalization strategy.


The roundtables turned out to be most popular among IUNC participants as they gave the educators anexcellent opportunity both to discuss IHE topical issues more widely and put their opinions forward on how to adopt a successful International recruitment strategy and establisheffective international partnerships.


IUNC speakers included such distinguished speakers asMs Olga Gozman, CEO Begin Group Company (Russia); Ms Irina Efimenko, Moscow  Technological  Institute «WTU» - MTI «WTU»(Russia); Ms Nadezhda Baykova, International University in Moscow (Russia); Dr. Detlev Freyhoff, Fontys International Campus Venlo (2007 - 2010);Mr Mark Curcher, Tampere University of Applied SciencesMs Anabela Mesquita (ISCAP, Portugal); Ms Suzanna Tomassi (Coventry University, UK); Liliya Prikhodko (MESI, Russia); Dr. Irina Sukovataya (Siberian Federal University, Russia); Mr Tobias Stuedemann (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)Ms Marina Shchelkounova, Government agency CampusFranceMr Magda Attalla (BHMS Business & Hotel Management School); Mr Mirko Varano (KTH Royal Institute of Technology); Mr. Bogdan Voronovskiy (Eastern European University Association); Prof Gregory Makrides, European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators;Prof. Roberto Giacomelli, University of Laquila, ItalyMs Sima Puodziute, StudyPortals, The Netherlands.


In their majority the IUNC participants discussed cooperation agreements on the academic exchange of students between universities (free or partially paid tuition fee), tutors exchange, сreating joint educational programs, providing interactive courses, joint grant applications, exchange of educational products etc.


The crowning feature of IUNC Eurasia was the boat cruise along the reputed Neva river to see the fabulous sights of St Petersburg and the main attraction of the city - drawing of bridges. The participants greatly enjoyed the capital’s charm and the beautiful cultural heritage.


Overall, IUNC has earned a reputation of the platform where HE specialists from around the globe can engage in thought-provoking discussions, debates and analyses, in line with conducting up to 40 appointments with potential partner universities.


IUNC Committee is incredibly pleased to receive very positive feedback from IUNC Eurasia participants and will try to bring further improvements to IUNC conferences so that they could become one of the largest and most comprehensive gathering of HE professionals from around the world.


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