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20 April 2014

EEUA sends Russian universities to Morocco

Over the recent couple of years Moroccan students have been increasingly showing their interest in studying abroad with a particular interest in studying in Russia.

April 20-24 EEUA sent representatives of Ryazan State Medical University and Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture to Morocco in order to participate in International Study Abroad Education Fair organized in Casablanca by Turkish education fair organizers. Casablanca – is the largest city in the Maghreb, as well as one of the largest and most important cities in Africa, both economically and demographically.

The fair was visited by more than 700 high school graduates and university students interested in studying abroad. They were enraptured with the prospects of studying in Russia and getting a worldwide recognized degree at an affordable price. Most interest came from to-be medicine students, as well as Engineering majors.

RSMU rep explained the students the procedure of applying for General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy courses in Russia and acquainted them with the list of documents required for admission. RSMU is lalala university withlalalalla offering medical degrees both in Russian, English and in French language which is a unique combination, very attractive to young Moroccans whose second native language is French.

Some students also inquired about Preparatory course in Russia and studying in Russian language (the most demanded courses were Arts, Law, Humanities, Engineering, Economics and Electronics, IT etc.) BSUC offered the students a cost-effective preparatory course option which aroused much interest among the students.

The fair was also visited by the Ambassador of Turkey in Morocco who personally met with all universities.

On the 2nd day Russian universities also visited 2 high schools in Rabat. While the 1st school was solely specialized in Business, i.e. pupils are studying only technical and mathematics disciplines, the 2nd school specialized in Arts and Science.

The universities found quite a number of potential students for 2014 intake and are looking forward to welcoming young Moroccans in Russia! EEUA will continue to endorse students from Morocco in their aspiration to study in Russia and help them get first-hand information about the tuition fees and admission process.

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