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25 May 2012

The workshop that took place in Ethiopia on May 23d proved to be a significant event for many reasons. Firstly, the agents in 
Ethiopia welcomed our group cordially on their arrival. Secondly, the seminar  itself was a success. Most importantly the event took place at the Russian Cultural Center in Ethiopia. This valuable opportunity was supported by the Russian Embassy and added more importance to the activities of the Eastern European University Association. During the stay our team managed to strike up new acquiantances and to enlighten Ethiopian students about Russian and Ukrainian universities. The presentation passed along in a very amicable and relaxed atmosphere. 

Afterwards, young people had a chance to clarify every aspect of the workshop with our team. EEUA representatived did their best to avoid any misunderstanding and tried to cover all questions. 

To sum up EEUA would like to express its gratitude to the Russian Cultural Center for its cordial welcome and assistance. Our organization is also extremely thankful to its partners in Ethiopia for thorough preparation of the seminar as well as a chance to discover the unique Ethiopian sights! We look forward to coming to Ethiopia soon! 





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