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22 July 2014

More than 14000 km crossed!

The cross-country bike journey in honour of BSTU 60th anniversary has finally come to an end! Mr Evgeniy Kapustin, the Head of BSTU international cooperation centre, has crossed more than 14000 km. Starting in Belgorod and finishing at Vladivostok, the journey covered numerous cities of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

The road was hard at times but still the travelers managed to overcome all challenges and accomplish the main mission of the bike journey - to meet BSTU graduates and present the university to prospective students in different regions. Some students` congratulations were recorded and are available on BSTU website.

BSTU delegation also visited the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kazakhstan and Mongolian Scientific School.

All people meeting BSTU delegation were truly amazed at the scope of BSTU outreach and the determination of the "Shukhov folks" who decided to cross mountains and prairies in order to honour their native university.

Overall the travelers have crossed enough miles to be given the title of Master of Sports in Mototurism. 

Interestingly, on his way, when passing by Khabarovsk region, Mr Kapustin met a biker from Austria who turned out to be also working in a university in his home country. He claimed that once he returns to Austria he will definitely organise a visit of their delegatin to BSTU in order to establish cooperation. In this way the bike journey fairly acquired the status "international".

Thus, the bike journey headed by Mr Kapustin appeared to be if immense success and "brought together" all BSTU graduates proving once again that BSTU named after Shukhov is one of the leading technical universities in Russia in terms of quality of education and demand for its graduates!

EEUA will be glad to send more and more international students to BSTU for their Bachelor and Master degrees in English!














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