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7 August 2014

EEUA and RGMU visit Eastern China!

July 30-31, 2014, EEUA representative with a delegation from Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Vice-Rector Mr Alexander and Head of Legal Department Mr Sergei) visited Hulunbuir University – a comprehensive university in Inner Mongolia, China. The parties discussed further development of existing collaboration, in particular dual degree programs, Russian language courses, short-term educational and cultural exchange programs etc.

This kind of cooperation will base itself on existing ties of Hulunbuir University with Russian universities and will further contribute to internationalization of both universities’ campuses and allow a larger number of students to get an international study experience.

Nowadays the flow of Chinese students to Russia, as well as Russia to China, is enormous and the universities have to constantly keep pace with the latest in the domain of international student mobility programs. Apart from student mobility programs, one of the main types of inter-university cooperation remains tutor exchange. Thus, in frame of the visit, EEUA and Hulunbuir University also discussed the possibility of inviting Russian tutors to Hulunbuir University to teach certain courses in English or Russian.

It should be mentioned that there is a demand for Russian language academic courses, as a lot of students wishing to study in Russia feel like attending Russian classes in China before going to Russia in order to have substantial Russian knowledge upon arrival. Invitation of Russian lecturers will ensure successful preparation of the prospective Chinese students in Russia and will certainly cultivate love of Russian language and culture.

August 02, EEUA delegation traveled to Shenyang to participate in the education fair organized by EEUA trustworthy partner – SAS Education, in person of its CEO - Mr. Ben. EEUA would like to express our deep gratitude for excellent organization of the event and truly efficient approach. The representatives of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University eagerly participated in the fair and provided students with detailed information about their university.


This northern region of China is potentially interested in higher education in Russia and EEUA will support SAS in the organization of many more events to further trigger students’ interest towards Russian culture and history by means of lections and literary days in the universities of this region.

It should also be said that the trip was rich in cultural experience for the Russian delegation, as the cities and provinces visited, offer a deep insight into the historical milestones in Russian-Chinese collaboration establishment. In Manchuria, for instance, the highest Russian Matreshka is located. 30 metres high it reminds the citizens about Russian assistance in time of need and symbolizes friendship of China, Mongolia and Russia.


Last but not least it was agreed to hold a joint EEUA and SAS education fair devoted to Russian education in October  2014 to inspire more Chinese students from this region to study in Russia!

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