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7 September 2014

Deadline for Application
at Russian & Ukrainian Universities


 Dear partner, because of time only few univeristies accept students for study in English this October.

Application Deadline for courses in English at Belgorod State Technological UniversityOctober 5th
- Management of organizations - USD 2800 per year
- Civil Engineering - USD 2950 per year
- Power and Electrical Engineering - USD  4250 per year
- Economics  - USD 2800 per year

Application Deadline for courses in English at Sumy State University (Ukraine): October 5th
- General Medicine - USD 400 a year
- Computer Science - USD 2300 a year
- Computer ENgineering - USD 2300 a year

- Management - USD 2300 a year

Application deadline for Preparatory course at Russian  Universities till October 15th:
- Moscow State Univeristy of Mechnical Engineering USD 2350 a year
- Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN" USD 2500 a year
- Moscow State University of Economics Statistics and Informatics USD 2290 a year
- Moscow Regional State Institute for Humanities USD 2100 a year
- Samara State University of Civil Engineering and Archtecture USD 1450 a year
Kirov State Medical Academy USD 1350 a year


 Make application 


For information about Russian universities please contact Russia@eeua.ru

For information about Ukrainian universities please contact Ukraine@eeua.ru

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