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15 September 2014




September 04-06 EEUA once again made a trip to the so-called "Warrior King" country in West Africa – Ghana, to conduct student seminars on Russian & Ukrainian education. Every year hundreds of Ghanaian students arrive to Russia & Ukraine seeking high-quality education by affordable price.


So why so many young Ghanians choose Russia from all other overseas study destinations? It is this question that EEUA representative tried to answer within the presentation. First of all Russia offers international students the opportunity to get a world-wide recognized degree by very affordable price (due to the government support of state universities) and unlike many other countries allows foreign students to have legal employment up to 20 hours per week (helping them to support their everyday expenses like transportation, food etc.).Secondly, over 50 degree courses are available in English medium, e.g. Civil Engineering, Management, Economics, Computer Science, IT, Aviation, Medicine etc.

The seminars were held in 3 major cities – Takoradi (September 04), Kumasi (September 05) and the capital city Accra (September 06). Over 100 potential students visited the seminars and actively participated in them showing their immense interest in studying in Eastern Europe.

The seminars included PPT presentations, Skype online Q&A sessions with former Ghanaian graduates who obtained a degree in Russia or Ukraine, Q&A sessions with EEUA representative on all university and campus-related information, personal guidance of students in respect of appropriate university for studying their field.

The seminars were really informative and useful for interested prospective students supplying them with all necessary up-to-date information on education opportunities.

EEUA would like to express deep gratitude to our highly respected partner Astolinks International, who provide high-quality and reliable support to Ghanaian students coming to study in Russia & Ukraine.

We would also like to congratulate Mr Richard – CEO of Astolinks Ghana, with the birth of his daughter, our heartfelt wishes of health and happiness!

EEUA is very glad that so many students from different regions of Ghana are now interested in pursuing their degree in Russia & Ukraine, and do understand that this will be a very positive investment in their future.

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