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12 October 2014

EEUA participated at 3rd World Indonesia Education Expo 2014

Dates: October 3 - October 11

Location: The capital of Indonesia - Jakarta (3rd October 4), Medan (October 6), Surabaya (October 8), Makassar (October 10), Denpasar (Bali) (October 11).

Some words about Indonesia: a country in South-East Asia, takes the fourth place in population and 14th in size. Jakarta is located on the island of Java, which is the most densely populated place in the world.

The exhibition was attended by representatives from more than 20 countries. Russian universities also had an important role of it, really an important part.

Particularly present and future students were interested in these specialties:

1 Civil Engineering

2 Medicine

3 Information Technology

4 Education

5 Psychology

6 Politics and others.

Not by chance, young people want to choose such a profession in their future or study further those one that have already chosen.

The fact is that in this rapidly developing country such professions are very prestigious and well-paid. For example, the salary of school teachers is 5 000 000 - 6 000 000 Indonesian rupees (1 USD = 12 015.42 IDR) Engineer salary - 6,000,000 - 7,000,000 Indonesian rupiah, and the salary of the doctor can reach 30 million Indonesian rupiah.

Also, visitors to the exhibition were interested in the possibility of scholarship and the way to get it.

Mostly students were interested in the Moscow and St. Petersburg universities, because young people knew about these cities. Many people dream to visit the capital city of Russia, have heard about the beauty of St. Petersburg. Many were surprised the difference in the cost of studying and living in the cities and towns of Russia. They students viewed photos of universities with delight, many of which are cultural monuments.  Admired the wide squares, public gardens, parks and beautiful architectural ensembles, which are in Russian cities.

There were a lot of pupils with their teachers who arrived by bus to the exhibition

Many students were glad to know that the payment for studying in the small town is quite low.

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