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27 May 2012

In terms of a distinct  tour to African countries the Eastern European University Association visited Uganda. Its capital – Kampala simply cannot leave anyone indifferent, that is why the whole group marveled the sights of the city guided by the association’s partners in Uganda. Despite the fact that the stay was short and there was a workshop ahead the agents managed to entertain their guests by making a small excursion in Kampala.

As regards the workshop itself, it has definitely been a successful event. Thanks to the high-class preparation of our partners and to the friendly and positive atmosphere that prevailed in Kamplala students felt comfortable and even more excited to listen to the presentation. EEUA team thoroughly explained how the educational systems of Russia and of Ukraine work, how much the universities collaborate with European and American partners and how affordable the education is. Afterwards, a  short discussion took place during which the applicants EEUA team attempted to respond to  all questions .  Both the agents and the students remained pleased with the results and have already started to fill in the application forms on our website www.eeua.ru. 

The official visit to the Makerere University that took place May 28th-29th has increased the significance of the trip. The partners suggested that the team should make a tour in the university and therefore discuss prospects of cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian universities and this particular institution. Due to the fact that a representative of the Belgorod State University joined the EEUA team on their visit to Uganda there was a unique chance to establish cooperation. Hopefully, this journey has  opened  a new route of collaboration between the countries in the educational field. We look forward to visiting Uganda again in the nearest future!




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