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7 December 2014


December 06 EEUA visited our partner F & S International Education to discuss cooperation and give F&S staff a practical traning session about Russian universities. It was great pleasure to visit the city Dalian which has tight historical connection with Russia and rich heritage symbolising friendship of China and Russia. Even the name Dalian itself was derived from the Russian name Dalny (Дальний) meaning "far away". The city is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, as well as China`s most livable city by China Daily, also known by the name "Hong Kong of Northern China".


Taking into account its history, location and numerous business partnerships with Russia, this region is rich in potential students willing to obtain degree in Russia or just learn Russian language. Many Chinese students from these region are planning to work in Russian-Chinese enterprises where knowledge of Russian and in some cases Russian degree are required. Moreover, a large number of students from this region are interested in history and attracted by Russian cultural sights and warm hospitality of people.


We are very grateful to our partner F & S International Education for helping us promote Russian education in this region and organise promotional activities for students. In frame of agency staff traning EEUA made PPT presentation and showed videos of several major Russian cities. The presentation was followed by the Q&A session. It is also very advantageous that some F&S staff can speak Russian language which will make further communication very efficient.


As many students are interested to study in Russia but are still having some doubts as to safety, on-campus facilities and other things, we decided to organize summer schools at several Russian universities. This wiill help students get an insight into russian education within a relatively short stay of about 10-14 days.


We were enourmously glad to meet with our partners and outline cooperation program for next year. We believe the number of Chinese students will be increasing over the coming years and more and more students will understand the benefits of studying in China`s strategic partner country - Russia.



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