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5 April 2015

March 28-29 EEUA participated in an education fair in Yueqing (Wenzhou), Zhejiang Province, held on th epremises of  Yueging International Foreign Language School. The school includes 3 education levels: primary, secondary and high school. High school counts around 1500 people. Yueqing Foreign Language School is a boarding-school, where students including the youngest ones return home only for two days, once in two weeks. All other time, even on the weekends, the students attend classes.

The school pays special attention to English language learning, however the school administration is highly interested in opening Russian language classes as well in the nearest future. The school has quite a number of students interested in studying Russian language, some of them already studying it with private tutors.

EEUA representative with EEUA partner agent in China and the School Head discussed the possibility to establish partnership between IFLS and some Russian university which will be able to offer support in implementing the Russian language program at IFLS. The school administration expressed deep interest in inviting Russian teachers who would be able to start Russian language course, share their experience of using various manuals, teaching aids etc.

EEUA representative made a presentation about Russian universities and acquinted the students with the Russsian education system giving a brief introduction to the admission procedure and visa process.  All interested students could ask their questions after the presentation and get unbiased first-hand information about education in Russia. It was a pleasure to see that some students expressed their wish in coming to study Preparatory Russian language course in the coming year.

EEUA would like to thank our highly respected partner - Education Agency Forsun International Education China Operations and the Administration of  Yueqing International Foreign Language School for their invitation to attend the education fair and the chance to present universities of Russsia, Ukraine, Belarus and Khazakhstan to the young Chinese students.  We are sure the inflow of Chinese students will keep growing and more students will opt for Russia as their study abroad destination.

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