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23 April 2015

March 31 - April 10, 2015, EEUA representatives participated in IEFT - the leading student recruitment fair in Turkey, welcoming nearly 20,000 Turkish students, in Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Eskisehir and Adana.  Throughout the past 12 years, IEFT has grown to become the largest education exhibition in both Turkey and the Middle-East, with universities from more than 30 countries attending every year.  

With the youngest population ratio in Europe, and many families and prospective students looking for viable study options overseas, Turkey is certainly a very interesting and promising market. Russia is now regarded as a very attractive study destination for Turkish students as it is both high-quality and affordable. Moreover the mentality of Russian and Turkish people is quite similar which makes it easy for Turkish students to adapt to the new environment once in Russia. As a rule Turkish students start with Preparatory Russian language course and become one of the most successful students at Russian language exams. Many students at the fair inquired about Russian language preparatory course - one-year and intensive (6 months).

Although basic Russian language is definitely essential for living in Russia, especially for those students who plan to work part-time, it is still not a must to study Preparatory course. Young Turkish students were very excited to know that they can also start Bachelor or Master degree directly in English language. EEUA rep acquinted the students with tuition fees, admission requirements and information about different universities, providing on-spot guidance regarding the student`s university choice. 

Students actively participated in the discussions, asked many questions and in general showed great interest in studying in Russia in this academic year. EEUA is glad to provide Turkish students with adequate up-to-date information in order more and more students from Turkey could take their chance and come to study in Russia for their internationally-recognized degree! 



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