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20 April 2016

March 11, 2016, EEUA came to Malaysia to participate in Facon Education Fair in the major regional cities – Malacca, Klang Valley, Miri, Kuching and Sibu. With a superb track record since its inception in 1990, Facon Education Fair is now recognised by the education industry as one of the most effective platform to promote and disseminate information on courses offered by renowned institutions of higher learning.

Students’ interest towards education in Russia is especially strong in regional cities so the visit turned out to be very productive. EEUA representative informed Malaysian students about possibilities to study in Russia, showed videos of different cities and universities and provided the students with informational leaflets. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University was in the limelight as it has a lot Malasian students studying medicine there now. There is even a tradition of annual meetings of all the Malaysian students studying in RSMU, even the Ambassador of Malaysia and representatives of the Embassy and RSMU administration are invited to these meetings. Overall now there are about 9000 undergraduate students, 583 postgraduate students, 798 residents, 400 interns, 89 external researchers, among them there are 950 people from foreign countries. Thus, students have trust and confidence in this university and are willing to join their fellows studying in Russia.

Other universities that interested the students were those offering engineering and economics courses. Mostly the students expressed their wish to study in big cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The fair was very well-organized and attracted lots of students willing to study overseas, including a great number of students interested in Russia. Now we expect more Malasian students for the coming year!

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