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8 October 2016

This year we are very glad to announce the arrival of more than 30 students from Zimbabwe to study at various Russian universities. Most of them have come to study at the Crimean Federal University (V.I. Vernadskiy Crimean Federal University), one of the leading universities for Medicine studies. Some of the students chose to study in English language while the students who arrived after the deadline for English-taught programs had to go through preparatory Russian language course after which they will be studying their program in English.

The students are very satisfied with their study and are gradually adapting to the life in Russia, the climate and the language, which is all new to them. In terms of climate CFU is an ideal option for African students who want to study Medicine in Russia, as it is located in the Crimea where the winter time is quite mild.

Comparing with last years the number of Zimbabwe students has risen rapidly and we want to thank our partners Protegee International who have made an enormous contribution from their side in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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