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4 May 2017

 Easy Admission to Russia and Ukraine

 apply WITHOUT passport & High school certificate 


     Counting that many potential students at this moment do not have Passport or/and High School certificate, EEUA council decided to allow foreign students to apply with national ID card and School results from previous level (10th year educational certificate or equivalent).

    For 90% of such applicants Conditional Admission letter will be granted and student can sign Agreement to reserve place at University.  Students are obligated to give us copy of passport and High School Certificate before July 10th.

     If student`s marks in High School Certificate will be lower than marks at previous certificate then EEUA reserve right to withdraw Admission letter but can propose Admission at other university where his/her marks will be acceptable.

Courses will start: September 15th 
Application deadline:  July 15th
 Tuition fees
Accommodation fee: from USD 200 per YEAR.

For more information please contact: Russia@eeua.ru or Ukraine@eeua.ru

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