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22 August 2017

Study Aviation degrees in English 

at National Research Univeristy "Moscow Aviation Institute"

Eastern European University Association invites students to study Aviation courses in English in Moscow.

Bachelor degree courses

Aircraft Engineering

 The aviation industry is in constant search of better aircrafts. Significant technological breakthroughs is expected in this area, and it will be of growing importance in the future. Graduates specialize in design and construction of aircraft, develop onboard equipment, lead development teams, introduce innovative technologies, lead R&D activities in the field of aerodynamics and flight dynamics of aircraft, test airworthiness of aircraft, etc.

Spacecraft Engineering

The school curriculum includes such disciplines as spacecraft and rocket systems, flight dynamics and control, spacecraft structure strength and thermal modes of operation, spacecraft and rockets manufacturing (including orbital assembly), life support and crew emergency rescue systems, aerodynamics, aerospace CAD/CAM, Earth observation, industrial management, computer science and other applied subject. The school is involved in a number of consulting and research projects.


Aircraft Enegines

Design and development of efficient and economical engine systems has always been the key technological achievement underlying development and growth of the aerospace industry. In the future aerospace engines will play an equally significant role. Magistrate of jet engines allows you to specialize in design, monitoring and analysis of engine systems and to see in practice how scientists and engineers struggle for the best to become real, and also allows taking part in formation of those wonderful prospects for jet aircrafts of the future.

Avionics and Electrical Engineering

This program and its subject areas are designed in an aerospace context which ensures that the subjects are developed to the most technologically advanced level. It allows you to specialize in analysis and development of avionic systems and electrical engineering for control and navigation of flying vehicles. You will obtain knowledge and experience to be not only users, but avionic and electrical systems creators.

Language of study: English
Duration: 4 years
Tuition fee: USD6000 a year
Accommodation: USD1100 a year
Insurance: USD120

Application deadline: August 31st

Course will start date: October

If you have any uestion please contact Ms Margarita russia@eeua.ru 

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