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20 November 2017


     Last Friday, 17 November 2017, the Eastern European University Association presented the academic offer of the universities of Russia and Ukraine at the Student International Fair in Valencia, Venezuela.


     Among the 20 participants of the Fair the EEUA was the only representative of the universities of Eastern Europe. It should be noted that in Venezuela, this region of the world is not traditionally considered as an option for the university study because of the position far away, the climate  as well as the language of  the origin not Latin. The first reaction of guests was amazement that however very quickly turned into curiosity and then in the genuine interest in the extensive academic offer, attractive pricing and other terms and conditions provided by the Russian and Ukrainian universities to foreign students.


     Except the exhibition room, the Fair provided a conference room where each participating company took a half hour for a presentation of your service.

     We express our most sincere gratitude to Mayerling Sayago, Gerardo Alvarez and Vanessa Acevedo for all their great and impeccable work in the organization of the Fair Student of Valencia, 2017!

     Office of the EEUA in Venezuela.

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