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25 July 2012

Distance learning has become available at the Belgorod State Technological University in Russia. This groundbreaking event means that more students will get an amazing opportunity to study on-line at an affordable price, which is only 2500 USD per academic year! This includes sessions on skype with professional tutors, webinars, consultations and definetely materials for studies! Most importantly, Belgorod State University pursuits a strategy of open education. This strategy has proved to be successful. Students can frequently approach any tutor or professor and teachers genuinely support the students and advise them on any questions as well as clarify misunderstandings. 

The Bachelors degree lasts five years whereas the Masters degree is two years only. The classes start in December and the application procedure has already begun! Do not miss your chance to study at a prestigeous university with the best teachers ON-LINE! You will need to visit the university only three times during the education process! This fact means flexibility, convenience and efficiency!



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We would be glad to welcome you as new distant students of the Belgorod State University!

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