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30 January 2018

 Pre-University course in Russia  

starting from USD 2100 (March-August)


 EEUA announces admission for Pre-University course at following universities:

University name  Location  Type of university
 Russian University of Trasport

Moscow, Russia Technical university with
non-technical courses


Application deadline and Course dates

University name  Application deadline Course will start on Course will finish on
 Russian University of Trasport

 March1st   April 1st 2018   August 31st 2018 



Course description 

 International students who would like to obtain their Bachelor`s, Master`s or Postgraduate Degree in Russia are provided with the Pre-University course designed to prepare them for direct entry into Russian and Ukrainian universities for wide range of degree studies in English. This course will have mainly Russian langauge classes in order to make students familiar with all live situations during study. 



Tuition and fees for Intensive Russian language course: 

University name

   Tuition fee 


 Health Insurance 

 Russian University of Trasport

USD 2100 USD 500 USD 120

Other fees: Registration fee USD 250, Admission fee USD700, Air port pick up USD100-200, Visa extension USD30.

After Intensive Russian langauge course student can:

 Continue study ta the same university in English (if desired courses avaiable) or transfer to any other university in Russia and Ukraine for degree courses in English or for 1year Preparatory course.  


  • Hight School Certificate (12 years)
  • Passport valid at least till September 1st 2019

Admission procedure

Apply now (for agency)

For more details please contact Ms Margarita  russia@eeua.ru

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