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12 April 2018

We are happy to inform you about EEUA participation at Baghdad International Fair in Iraq in March 30th - April 2nd,2018. Our Regional director Ms Lubov met more than 150 students that want to study in Russia or Ukraine. They ARE interested in Medical courses, Bachelor and Master`s degree programs. They were very impressed because of the possibility to live and study in European countries and obtain European diploma with very affordable tuition fees. Russian and Ukrainian universities are recognized in Iraq according Ministry of education universities list. Ms Lubov stays updated with the list and advices the best options for everyone. Also European diplomas allow the students to get a good positions and jobs all around the world.

The candidates could choose to obtain Bachelor and Master`s degree in English or Russian. It is not required to know Russian if they choose courses in English. Russian and Ukrainian universities don’t require IELTS and TOELF certificate.

So it is so easy to receive Admission letter and Invitation. You need to send only Passport and School certificate.

Many students from Iraq have studied in Russia and Ukraine. This countries are very popular for obtaining diplomas among Iraqi students. More than 1200 students from Iraq are studying in Ukraine and more than 1400 in Russia. They have a good experience and recommend Russian and Ukrainian universities more and more to their friends. That is why the number of the international students from Iraq grows every year.  Some students stay in Ukraine and some go abroad. The main doctor that works with international students at Sumy State University in Ukraine is from Iraq. He knows Arabic, English, Russian and Ukrainian. This ability helps him to communicate with the students from different countries.

Ms Lubov is waiting for everyone who wants to study in Russia or Ukraine, she will answer all your request by Phone WhatsApp +964 773 544 0203 Email  iraq@eeua.ru or during appointment.

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