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18 April 2018


Saturday April 5, 2018. It was early in the morning; about 9 A.M. The representatives of Eastern European University Association, Irina and Walter Geria, were once again on the road back to Seeta, Mukono, a little but fast-growing town just about 12 miles to the east of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Their destination; Seeta High School, a school resident to more than 2000 students, and with reputably impeccable academic credentials (The school returned the best senior four UCE results, and the third-best senior six UACE results, respectively, out of the whole country last year!). The sun was showing its merciful side on this fine day, in the process lending to the cheery atmosphere.


Just the day before, the duo in Uganda had been invited by the Director of Studies of Seeta High School, Mr. Daniel Basajjassubi, while on a visit to his office in the school, to return the next day and speak before a large gathering of A-level students, their parents, and school staff. At once surprised and pleased, they had promptly accepted the invitation. Later on that same evening, they set about crafting a presentation tailored to address the specific needs of the students and the parents as had been highlighted by Mr. Basajjassubi.


On arrival at Seeta High School, our representatives were shown to the school auditorium - the venue for the event - and were then immediately led to the front to find their seats. In the room they also found, and indeed true to the Director of Studies’ promise, a large gathering of an expectant audience, which eventually swelled to a figure in the neighborhood of 500 people and spread out to fill up the spacious upper-floor hall. All of them seemed to be brandishing our flyers which had been left behind the previous day with Mr. Basajjassubi. He had promised to have them distributed around the auditorium before the event began together with the school report, and by all indications, the gentleman had fulfilled that promise to the hilt.


After three speakers, our team took to the microphone and spoke about the great affordable study opportunities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, before a rapt audience. Next, and finally, the Headmaster of the school gave a concluding speech to round off what had turned out to be a highly informative career-guidance event that afternoon.


After that, it was off to interacting with the Headmaster, parents, the students, and other staff of the High school who gave evidence, judging by their questions, to the fact that the interest we had ignited during our presentation to help shed light on study opportunities in Eastern Europe, had carried on beyond the speech duration. Hopefully, that happy state of affairs will continue long into the future.


Efforts like these are helping to bring word to, open eyes, and focus minds of the Ugandan public to what some have called “…a golden opportunity: studying in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, contacts with the school administration are ongoing!




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