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18 April 2018


We are very proud to introduce to you Mrs Elina Ngobola our Regional Director at EEUA office in  Zambia. She is from Russia but now she lives in Lusaka and helps Zambian students to obtain European diplomas in Russian and Ukrainian universities for affordable prices. 

Mrs Elina has many meetings with students and their parents, she helps to choose the best university and courses according the student’s requirements. EEUA offers more than 50 courses in English and 1000 courses in Russian at more than 50 universities in Russia and Ukraine. That is why everyone may choose if he or she needs affordable or more expensive university with high range, in a big or small and quiet city.

Also Regional Director in Zambia manages seminars in schools and colleges. One of the last was Lakeroad PTA school. A Director Chilando Chella helped to get together more than 50 students that were going to get admission soon. The  seminar was interesting for everyone because they were finishing their last year at the high school. The students asked many questions. Also they wanted to know more about Medical courses, business program and Bachelor in Law. That is why they gave their contacts to Mrs Elina. They have been chatting with her since the seminar. It is September intake in Russia and Ukraine now so they have time to apply.  Chilando Chella was very kind and friendly and is going to visit our conference in Moscow in May. 

Our Regional director in Zambia visited Turkish school HORIZON and its Director Salih Gulhan, Shakespears college and the Director Mark Makwalimba, LICEF school, Kamwala secondary school and other. 
The students were very impressed that they can live in European countries, receive European diplomas with very good prices, they don’t have to pass entrance exams and IELTSTOELF certificate to study in Russia or Ukraine. 
As Mrs Elina lived in Russia and got her degree at Russian university she knows everything about education in Russia and Ukraine.

We are advising you to contact if you are planning to study abroad

Contact Mrs Elina Ngobola in Zambia: WhatsApp mobile +260 971 87 0586 or E-mail: zambia@eeua.ru

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