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5 May 2018

 Study Medicine in Russia & Ukraine from $2600 


   EEUA invites students to study Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry at number of State Russian and Ukrainian Medical Universities. Easy Admission rules appliable (national ID instead of passport, any school serticifate).

Courses will start: October 1st 
Application deadline:  August 1st
 Courses avalable in English
General Medicine 6 years:  from USD3400/year
Pharmacy 5 years:            from USD4400/year
Dentistry 5 years:             from USD9000/year
 Courses avalable in Russian
Preparatory course (Russian): from USD1500
General Medicine 6 years:  from USD2600/year

Pharmacy 5 years:            from USD3450/year
Dentistry 5 years:             from USD2000/year
View list of all Medical Universities and Tuition fees.

Agency Commission USD800 + 7% of 1 year Tuition
For more information please contact: Russia@eeua.ru or Ukraine@eeua.ru 


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