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7 May 2018

Piloting course in Russia

EEUA invites students to study Aviation degree + Piloting at Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation.

Language of study: Russian
Duration: 1 year Preparatory course + 4 years Aviation degree with Piloting 
Tuition fee:
- Preparatory course USD2900 * 1 year
- Aviation degree courses USD2900/year * 4 years
Piloting course fee: USD17500/year * 4 years
Accommodation: USD400/year

Application deadline: August 1st 2018
Course start date: October 1st 2018

Piloting course is possible to take only in Russian lanaguage and together with Bachelor degree degree in Aviation. It means student has to study 1 year of Preparatory course (Russian language) and 4 years of Bachelor degree in Aviation together with Piloting. So total duration 5 years.

After Preparatory course student has to pass Aviation Medical Check up (necessary for start Piloting).

Total expeneses for 5 years of education with Piloting is about USD94000

For more information please contact Ms Margarita russia@eeua.ru 

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