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22 August 2018

How to make the main choice in your life? – the main discussion topic of the EEUA seminar at SAINTE RITA SCHOOL.  Our EEUA Director in Congo, Mr Wins spent a great time with the pupils of the school discussing that important question on August 11. Everyone knows that our future depends on the choice that we make in our childhood. We make a choice everyday: what outfit to wear, which music to listen to, what to have for lunch and so on. All these choices define our life style, but they don’t define our future. Our future in fact depends on the job that we choose. 

Everyone has to ask these important questions:
1)      What do I like to do?
2)      What do I do the best of all?
3)      Do I like to work with people or alone, outside or at the office, to use brain or hands?
4)      What do you aspire to do? 
5)      How much do I want to earn?

The next step is choosing your profession according to your skills, abilities, strength and preferences. 
After that you can choose a place where you want to receive your diploma. It is also a very important decision in your life. 

You should answer the following questions:
1.      What school should I choose? (university or college, institute or academy)
2.      Where this school has to be located? (In your city or far from it, in your country or abroad, capital or region, Big city or small town)
3.      What additional knowledge do you want to have? (A new language, sport, other)

All these questions help the pupil to understand their plans and goals.
The students who wanted to study abroad asked many questions about the education in Russia and Ukraine, because they have heard about good opportunities to study there: affordable tuition fee, European diploma, low living cost, high education level, easy Admission process (only passport and school certificate required)

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