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26 November 2018


This Saturday, 24 November 2018, the Eastern European University Association presented the academic offer of the universities of Russia at the Student International Fair in Valencia, Venezuela.

Young people from the Venezuelan state of Carabobo came to this event to learn about the possibilities of studying at foreign universities. Due to the economic crisis, the quality of Venezuelan education has fallen markedly, and many Venezuelan students are ready to leave local universities and start their studies again in another country. Low prices for education in Russia, as well as our original and bright culture are attractive for Venezuelan students. Almost 100 people left their contact details for more information about Russian education.

Except the exhibition room, the Fair provided a conference room where each participating company took a half hour for a presentation of his service.

We Express our gratitude to the organizers of the Fair for the effective work to attract visitors to this event!



Office of the EEUA in Venezuela.


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