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25 March 2019

 Eastern European University Association examines the sphere of the Academic Cooperation Ties between the countries of our member institutions and the rest of the world. This annual study helps the universities in improving their international performance by providing information about the latest trends, discovering existing problems and finding possible solutions.

 You are invited to contribute to this Annual Survey. You can participate even if you do not have any open projects with the region or not interested in cooperation with it.  Your contribution will be valuable in any case! It will take 7 minutes of your time. We appreciate your efforts in advance!

The current study is devoted to the academic cooperation with Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other CIS (former Soviet Union countries). It will examine the University Cooperation and Student Recruitment areas. 

Some rewards will be given to the random-chosen survey participants.

The results of the survey will be presented at IUNC Eurasia 2019 (8th Annual HigherEd Partnership Conference & Workshop in Moscow, Russia on May 13-16, 2019) and will be published on www.events.iunc.net

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