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19 September 2019

"EEUA seminars in Pakistan"

The Representative office of Eastern European University Association (EEUA) in Pakistan visited different schools and public seminars:

During those visits Mrs. Ella Urtaeva, the EEUA Regional Director in Pakistan of Eastern European University Association, introduced our company and education opportunity to study in Russian and Ukrainian Universities. 

Below are the general questions and topics that were received from the students and the staff: 
1. The availability of Halal Muslim Food in the universities and hostels cafeteria.
2. The expenses and fee structure of Business, Management and engineering courses.
3. The request for more economical universities on the list in Russia.
4. Security of the student.
5. How university will handle our students?
6. What future students have in Russia after graduation?
7. Can medical Students transfer from Russia to Canada in 3rd or 4th year?
8. Will EEUA help students to find part time jobs in Russia if they learn the Russian language?
9. What are the things covered by Medical Insurance? If student is not able to pay hospital bill then what will be the solution?
10. Who EEUA will represent students if they get involved in some legal complications, like accident, fight, or any unforeseen incidents?
11. After Graduation Which Russian Authority will attest their degrees to use abroad? Will Russian Embassy of Pakistan verify and attest our degrees when needed?
12. Why Russian Universities are not dealing with Pakistani Higher education to start student exchange program between 2 countries especially in Medical and Engineering fields? Often the students have to pass the medical exam again in order to practice medicine in Pakistan.
13. If a student comes to Russia for education and he was paying his annual fee regularly and then due to any unforeseen circumstances the student or his family are not able to pay the fee, are there any scholarship funds the university can adjust for some part of the course in form of fee wavier?
14. After graduation from Russia or Ukraine, will EEUA help students by conducting interviews to get them on jobs in that country?
15. If after graduation students find the job in Russia or Ukraine, will EEUA help change his student visa to work visa or what will be the process?

We have representatives in many countries. So you may get your chance to study in Eastern Universities. Just contact us!

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