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10 June 2019

"EEUA visited Unidad Educativa Santa Dorotea, Ecuador, Quito"

          This time EEUA visited Ecuador is one of the world’s most environmentally diverse places and its many destinations offer travelers a range of attractions to explore. A unique landscape awaits visitors as Ecuador hosts warm sunny beaches of the Pacific to impressive mountain villages in the Andes to the Amazon rain forest, to the world’s ecological wonder – the Galapagos Islands. 

           Mrs. Marina V. Smirnova is Representative office of Eastern European University Association (EEUA) in Ecuador visited college Unidad Educativa Santa Dorotea. The presentation included overall information on the educational systems of Russia and of Ukraine, some cultural background on Russian and Ukrainian traditions and customs. Mrs. Marina V. Smirnova  was glad to see dozens of students in Ecuador who expressed interest in embarking on degree courses at Russian and Ukrainian universities. The visit became yet another incentive for Ecuadorian applicants to get professional knowledge in various fields at affordable expenses. Russia and Ukraine - best choice for Ecuadorian students!

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