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17 May 2019

Promo-visit to the Institute de Rabat, Morocco 

May 17, our Representative of Eastern European University Association conducted the seminar in Rabat, Morocco for high school graduates and bachelor holders interested in continuing their education in Russia. 

Students of Institute de Rabat - had the unique chance to personally meet Representative of EEUA and obtain unbiased information about the available courses, tuition fees and admission requirements. Participation in the seminar was free for all interested students and their parents.

Most students inquired about medical courses, such as General medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy etc. Within the seminar the students were informed that they can apply for medical courses taught fully in French language, starting from the very first year. This excellent opportunity attracted many students as they will not have to spend one year doing preparatory Russian language course and will save both time and money. The procedure of application is also quite simple - the students have to send to EEUA their original educational documents and International Passport so that when they come for the fall semester, their nostrification (equivalence) will already be ready by that time and they will be able to start the course in French.


A very important part of the seminar was on-the-spot admission meaning the students could get first-hand guidance as to their chosen university and get Admission letter from this university.

The students greatly enjoyed the seminar and claimed they found out a lot of interesting and useful information about studying in Russia overall. We do hope this seminar will help Moroccan students and their parents to make the right choice and hope a lot of students will come to Russia for their degree this year.

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