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27 May 2019

Seminar/presentation for Bolivian students       

       This time our Representative organize a very effective an education seminar/presentation for Bolivian students.

       EEUA representative made a 30 minutes presentation in Spanish highlighting the main advantages of studying in Russia and the requirements the students have to fulfill. The audience listened very carefully making occasional comments and taking notes.


       There is a big interest to study in Russia and Ukraine because of the future perspective of a good job. Bolivian companies prefer to recruit alumnus from the European universities and offer them a high salary. Also there are a few big Russian corporations in Bolivia, everyone wants to work there. It is easier to be recruited with the Russian diploma and language knowledge.

       The pupils were surprised to find out that they can receive European diplomas with a very affordable tuition fee. Also the cost of living is not as high as in the other European countries that are why they are able to travel.

       The students asked questions about sports classes and the universities activity, about international student’s life in Russia and Ukraine, job opportunity and so on. 


       The pupil will make the main decision in their life. They will need to choose their program, university and country to get diploma. The choice will make their life! We hope to help everyone who needs our help to achieve their purpose. 


       We believe that more and more Bolivian students will start coming to Russia and share their experience with their peers who will follow their example!

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