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11 December 2019

Promoting February-March Intake in Guatemala

       December 9th, Guatemala City - Eastern European University Association has held an informative seminar about Intensive Russian language course and Intensive English Language Course in Russia and in Ukraine to students at Guatemala. Students were given a thorough explanation about educational system in Russia and in Ukraine, as well as an explanation about application process and explanation about wide range of possibilities that education in Eastern Europe provides.


       Intensive Russian Language Course focuses on learning of Russian Language from the "zero" level with the aim of further study at Russian universities. Intensive training (20-25 academic hours per week) in small groups of 10-15 students is organized till August 20, while at August 20-27 state testing of the Russian language is organized.


       Intensive English language Course designed for students who already have basic knowledge of English and want to improve English in order to be able to study the main course (degree course) in English, starting from September 2020. Duration of the course: 15 weeks.

EEUA announces admission for Intensive Russian or English language Course at the following universities: 

Kazan Federal University

Chechen State University

Kirov State Medical University


     The interest of Guatemalan students for studies in Russia and in Ukraine was seen in the huge amount of questions that they had, after the presentation


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