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28 January 2020

Signed memorandum with school in Tunis 

      This Tuesday, January 28th, should be marked as a truly significant day for the Eastern European Association of Russian and Ukrainian universities. The vice-chancellor of the Zucee  “Zes Elites» Emna Karau  and the executive director of  EEUA Mr. Bogdan Voronovskiy signed a memorandum of understanding. According to this memorandum many ways of mutual collaboration were established.

      This step officially certified the beginning of a new era, e.g the arrangement of joint scientific, educational and innovative projects. The Association opens a field of numerous opportunities for this university. Hopefully, the most prestigious universities of Russia and of Ukraine will launch successful projects, organize researches and certainly host the students of the Zucee  “Zes Elites» in the nearest future. A special emphasis will be made on starting cooperation with the higher institutions that specialize on Physics, Ecology, Maths, Economics, Plant protection and Computer Science. The foremost goal is to build up long-term academic linkages that will work as an incentive for the development of sciences. It is expected that a group of selected candidates from the School will embark on a PhD degree at some of the most prominent universities of Russia and Ukraine in the upcoming academic year. 

      This is yet another step towards strengthening the positions of the Eastern European University Association abroad!

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