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19 March 2020

CAMPUS DU MONDE, Education Fair, Cameroon

        EEUA participated in the CAMPUS DU MONDE, is a non-profit activist organization that works to make Education an instrument for the development of civilizations a driving force for the integration of peoples on a global scale.

        Campus du Monde 2020 is the most important student mobility fair in Sub-Saharan Africa is back with more opportunities and innovations. From March 13-15 at la Falaise Hotel Bonanjo, Douala.

      First platform dedicated to student mobility issues across Africa. CAMPUS DU MONDE is a high level forum for reflection that welcomes the region`s tertiary education stakeholders on topics of common interest. The March 2020 edition addresses a problem that the new knowledge economy imposes on the global education agenda: the internationalization of higher education.

      The internationalization of higher education reflects the dynamics of education in a changing world. Its importance requires a model of performative governance that will make the university a pole of attraction for its audiences across borders on the one hand and an altar of cultural influence for nations on the other. For Fair days in a row, some thirty experts from Africa and elsewhere gone through this issue with a fine-tooth comb through an unprecedented programme of six high-level workshops. 

      Apparently, the demand for higher education in Russia and in Ukraine among Cameroon students has significantly increased in recent years. Applicants expressed their strong interest towards courses offered by the universities-members of the Association. Our team covered multiple questions of  prospective students, thus supporting them in their decision. All applicants were provided with EEUA brochures where it is easy to find all necessary information. 

      The students showed great interest in both Ukrainian and Russian universities. French medium programs, offered in several universities in Russia, aroused particular attention and excitement among French-speaking community. Furthermore, the majority of students were eager to get acquainted with Russian and Ukrainian culture through the informative video materials brought by the association,  Russian and Ukrainian cities and universities, as well as students’ feedback from different universities.

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