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10 March 2020

      Hotel Africana--a 4-star hotel--esconced right at the outer limits of the bustling Kampala Central business district (Kampala is the largest and capital city of Uganda) and overlooking the nicely manicured green grass of the beautiful Kampala Golf Course on Friday and Saturday, that is, twenty first and twenty second 2020, was the setting of a two day students Expo.

     In attendance, and representing Eastern European University Association, was our Regional representative, Ms. Irina. She was accompanied her colleague, Walter Geria. The duo had earlier been invited to participate at the showcasing event held at one of the main conferencing halls of the trendy hotel to shed light on the tremendously affordable education opportunities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

    The many students from various schools and institutes of education who turned up for the event, often accompanied by their parents, were delighted to learn of our efforts geared towards helping learners, particularly in Uganda, but also across the wider region of East Africa, to gain vital access to our more than 60 associated leading State Universities spread across the three Eastern European countries. The direct interface format of contact set-up lent itself to a comfortable and more intimate setting for our representatives to directly interact with and give detailed explanations to students and their parents regarding the advantages of seizing the education opportunities we extend to them. And, of course, what as usual seemed to immediately leap at and draw out amazed--almost incredulous-- responses from guests to our table was the comparatively low fees attached to the courses offered.

   Ongoing engagement with those who left their contact details with us continues.

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