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16 April 2020


 In an endless stream of news, our nervous system begins to fail. The Quarantine makes all the days similar. Everyone stays home and have much of time to think about the life and future after the quarantine.

So what is waiting for international students after the quarantine? What are the benefits that they  have now?

It is the time to make your life better, to find the best university and to choose a future job.


      Now everyone knows that he/she does not have to loose time and should move on every day with all the purposes and dreams.


      Russia and Ukraine is ready to admit the international students from all over the world. The countries leaders have made everything to measure the epidemic.

Admission procedure for foreign students in the new academic year

       Admission to study for foreign students in 2020 is open: most universities continue to accept applications from international applicants and prepare Admission letters. Usually the admission campaign for the foreign applicants opens in June; the applicants from abroad will have more time to apply for study in Russia.


       Visa and invitation procedure: due to the epidemiologic situation, the processing of visa invitations may be delayed, therefore, it is important to choose a program and universities, as well as prepare documents for admission in advance. The universities are preparing the holding list for the students whom are waiting for the invitations.


       Training: usually the academicals year in Russia and Ukraine begins in September; the international students can arrive to the countries till November and December.


     Current situation for the international students in Russia and Ukraine:Currently, classes at Russian universities are delivered online using the Skype and Zoom platforms. The lectures are available to students in the format of online courses on special electronic platforms of universities

Measures taken by Russia to combat the coronavirus


Measures taken in Russia & Ukraine to prevent the spread of the infection are enabling the country to avoid an uncontrolled outbreak of the epidemic. Among the most important of such measures are the following:

          •             regular and charter flights with all countries have been significantly limited;

          •             the crossing of the state border of the country through automobile, railway, pedestrian and other checkpoints has been limited;

          •             the entire month of April has been announced non-business; citizens are obliged to observe the self-isolation regime;

          •             all mass events have been either canceled or postponed, schools and universities have switched to distance learning;

          •             cafes, restaurants, cultural, entertainment, and sports facilities are temporarily closed;

          •             the number of laboratories having capacities to test for coronavirus has been increased.

       We believe thateverything will be bettersoon, borders will be opened and students will sit behind the educational desks of universities!

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