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1 December 2020

Representatives of EEUA in Uganda, Ms Irina Lvova and Mr Walter Geria, were invited to Kabojja International School campus to speak to students on their final day of the 2020 year 13 Cambridge curriculum certificate studies. They were scheduled to speak to them about the affordable world-class educational opportunities in the three Eastern European countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.


On hand to welcome the dynamic duo at the administration building--a swanky brand new elegantly architectured edifice with bold outlines in modern style-- was Mr Wilbur Muwomya, the Career Guidance Master of the school.


Mr Muwomya then led the two to the venue of the day`s event, a conveniently spacious auditorium with ample ventilation (and social distancing to allay any anxiety over Coronavirus spread) and sufficient lighting where a group of eager and apparently disciplined students sat awaiting the information they had been promised would be delivered by our representatives. Other students soon filed into the room and the talk got under way.


There were the usual amazed gasps and excited mummers of surprise-- which we have now come to expect-- when we mentioned that beginning from as low as only 1200 dollars per year, students can find a professional course to study in one of our associated universities.. Well, why not...; seeing that the students seated before them were already paying more than that to study in their current school!


An interactive Q&A session that followed satisfied the students` quests for more specifics and details relating to other areas of foreign students life and welfare including concerns about safety and study environment

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