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16 November 2021

 February 2022 Intake in Ukraine 

Degree courses in English and Intensive English language course starting from USD 1200


 EEUA announces admission for Degree courses in English and Intensive English/Ukrainian language Course at the following universities: 


 Application deadline and Course dates


 List of courses and Tuition fee : 

University name Courses  Accommodation fee
in USD Feb-Aug

 National technical university
«Kharkiv polytechnical institute»

- Intensive Language course (Ukrainian) $1700

Intensive Language course (English) $1900


 National Aerospace University
“Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

- Intensive Language course (Ukrainian) $1700

- Intensive Language course (English) $1800



 Sumy State University

- Intensive Language course (English)* $1500

- General Medicine (English) $4300/year

 Sumy National
 Agrarian University

- Intensive Language course (Ukrainian)* $1200

Intensive Language course (English)* $1400

Bachelor degree courses*:
- Management $1800
- Agronomy $1800
- Law $1800


 * - if gorup of 8 students is formed.

Other fees: Registration fee $250, Admission fee $700, Airport pick up $200, Health Insurance and Medical Check-up $250, Visa extension USD30.

After the Intensive language course student can start a Degree course in English or in Russian. 



Please note that only EEUA Certified Agencies have access to full information about Courses, Universities, and Tuition fee list. 

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For more information please contact us:

Ms Oksana: ukraine@eeua.ru WhatsUp +38 096 501 13 16

Ms Taiana: tvk@eeua.ru for EEUA Agency Certification

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