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15 February 2023

Special announcement for students from Afghanistan

Intensive Russian language course

3 months in Kabul + 3 months in Russia


Due to fact that Russian Migration Service temporary is not issuing Invitation for students from Afghanistan, EEUA propose you to start Russian language course at RANA University in Kabul (partner university of EEUA) and continue it in Russia.


We propose to Afghan students to study

3 month in Kabul (RANA University) and 3 month in Russia (Vyatka State University).

 Course details


 Tuition and fees: 

First part of course: USD450 (March 9th - May 25th). To be paid before March 1st

Second part of course: USD950 (June 5th - August 11th). To be paid before after Invitation is issued.

Accommodation fee: USD 100 (June 5th - August 11th).  To be paid before after Invitation is issued.

Other fees: Registration fee USD 250, Admission fee USD700, Airport pick up USD300, Visa extension USD40, Medical Insurance USD200


If Russian Migration Service will not issue Invitation by May 2023 EEUA will make sure to get Invitation for students as soon as Russian Migration Service will resume Invitation issuing for Afghans.

After the Intensive language course student can start a Degree course in English or in Russian:

Please note that only EEUA Certified Agencies have access to full information about Courses, Universities, and Tuition fee list. 


For more information please contact us:

Ms. Maria: russia@eeua.ru WhatsUp +7 999 885-53-99

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