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24 April 2024


FULL Scholarships to study in Russia


Dear partner, EEUA has several partner universities in Saint Petersburg, where students can study for FREE. 

Language of study: Russian.
Students have to start with Preparatory courses in order to learn Russian language.


Type of courses:

Preparatory course: 1 year.
Bachelor degree course: 4 year.
Master degree: 2 years


List of Bachelor degree courses available on scholarship:

List of Master degree courses available on scholarship: 

Terms and conditions:

Application deadline: May 25th 2024

Course will start on September 1st 2024

Age of students: for Bachelor degree courses - below 25, for Master degree corses - below 30.

General condition: studnets must have good and excellent marks o=in previous level of education.

Tuition and fees:

Tuition fee: free (full scholarship)
Accommodation: free (full scholarship)
Living expesnes and food: student has to pay by himself. Approx USD1800 per year.
Air tickets to Saint Petersburg: student has to buy on his own.
Medical check up and health insiarance: student has to buy on his own. Approx USD150 a year.


Registration fee: USD250. To be paid after application approved.
Admission fee: USD700. To be paid after invitation is ready.
Service fee: USD800. To be paid after invitation is ready.

 Agency commission for scholarship students: USD700 per student. Details in Agreement.

Temporary block: Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, iraq, Sirya, Yemen. For students of mentioned countries migration Service of Russia, has temporarily suspended issuing invitations. We expect that from August the Migration service will issue invitations again. 

 What`s App +7 999 88 55 399

For more information please contact us:

russia@eeua.ru  for Russian universities

Whats App +7 999 88 55 399


We wish you to have a good partnership with EEUA.


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