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13 October 2012

Agent training "Higher Education in Russia and in Ukraine"




The Eastern European University Association




October 13th, 10:00-13:00




Russian Culture Center, PRC, Beijing, Dongcheng District, Dongzhimennei Str., 9 (NAGA), Building 2.
北 京俄罗斯文化中心。地 址:北京市东城区东直门内大街9号院(NAGA上院)2号 楼。








The Eastern European University Association is a leading organization which promotes higher education in Russia and in Ukraine and incorporates more than 50 state (public) universities. The recruitment to universities is arranged by professional agents from various countries. For the record, EEUA has already covered the African peninsula as well as India, the Middle East, some Asian countries and Eastern European states. The Association is a leading non-profit organization that offers various high-quality programs in three languages (English, Russian and French) at inexpensive prices. The presentation demonstrates remarkable achievements of the organization in the sphere of the higher education as well as gives a decent overview of the system of higher education in Russia and in the Ukraine, structure of tuition fees, apparent advantages of studying in Ukraine and in Russia alongside with vibrant student life in the countries. The training itself was aimed at increasing effectiveness and commitment of the agents and proved to be engaging, informative and useful for all participants! You will acquire detailed information on how the admission procedure works, what the strategy is based on and how to act on behalf of the Association. Numerous opportunities open before your agency! Becoming an agent of the Eastern European Association equals promoting your company’s positions in the market worldwide. Do not miss your chance to participate and find out about lucrative conditions for the agents of our organization! After the training the participants will be welcomed at the Russian restaurant "Pushkin"!

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