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13 September 2012

EEUA has attended EAIE conference in Dublin

The European Association for International Education is supposedly the best acknowledged European leadership centre for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalisation of higher education. This organization has long gained reputation as a certain inspiration and forerunner for all prominent educators of the world. Each year EAIE arranges impressive conferences in different corners of the world where they summon a selected number of enterpreneurs involved in the educational sphere. It is noteworthy that annual conferences have specific topics. This year  the theme of the event is "Rethinking education, reshaping economies". Due to the changing world of globalization that we live in, the topic is definetely extremely relevant in the field of higher education.

The Eastern European Association of Russian and Ukrainian universities has always expressed deep-rooted interest towards such remarkable events and eventually became a participant of the conference that took place this time in the heart of Ireland, the mysterious Dublin. The programme of the event proved to be very intense and extremely varied - informative sessions helped to enhance the knowledge about the leading developments of the higher education worldwide, whereas engaging workshops allowed to find practical solutions to the most common problems that occur in the field. At the same time dialogues gave a chance to express opinions, involve in a thorough discussion of some complicated issues. In addition, the conference offered campus tours to some universities, poster sessions and networking events! Suffice to say that EEUA representatives are overwhelmed with positive impressions and have managed to establish invaluable connections as well as find some new prospective partners.

EEUA team was pleased to become a part of such a significant and certainly education event!!!!!


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